Narsingh would have won at least a silver medal : WFI secretary

Narsingh would have won at least a silver medal : WFI secretary

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Wrestling Federation of India's secretary VN Prasood has insisted that Narsingh Yadav would have returned at least with a silver medal from the Rio Olympics, had he not been banned. He also insisted that Narsingh had received all the required approvals before boarding the flight to Rio.

“Narsingh would have won at least a silver medal, I can assure you that,” Prasood claimed, reported PTI.

Prasood also recounted the events in chronological order, and insisted that they could have replaced Narsingh with Praveen Rana, had the judgment been provided in advance.

“His name was even there in the fixtures. At 8.30 p.m. in the night, CAS released their judgement.

“CAS told him, ‘give your weight, don’t worry about anything in the afternoon, we’ll give a result at night.’ So why should we have been thinking about it (ban).

“That’s when we actually thought that after 21st they will take any action, (that) if they want to punish they will take away the medal if Narsingh had won any medal.

“The judgment was unexpected. If only they had given this verdict earlier, we could have sent Praveen Rana,” Prasood said.

Prasood also revealed that Narsingh had received approval from the International Olympic Committee and the United World Wrestling before traveling to Rio.

“UWW gave its nod for Narsingh’s participation, IOC gave its approval. After getting these two approvals, how could we have stopped Narsingh from going to Rio?

“If WADA wanted to appeal, why didn’t they appeal before 10th?” he concluded.

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