Mohammad Amir : Maybe Rohit Sharma’s opinion about me has changed now

Mohammad Amir : Maybe Rohit Sharma’s opinion about me has changed now

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A year after Rohit Sharma branded Mohammad Amir as an ‘overhyped’ bowler, the Pakistan pacer has responded to the jibe saying he hopes to have changed Sharma’s opinion about him. Both Sharma and Amir have developed quite a rivalry in the recent past, with Sharma falling to Amir quite often.

An Indo-Pak encounter seldom needs any sub-plots but that does not mean that there aren’t any battles within the mega-encounter. Rohit Sharma’s verbal duel with Mohammad Amir in the recent past has been one major talking point whenever the two-arch rivals have met. It all started when Amir dismissed the Indian opener during the Asia Cup T20 encounter last year, but Sharma wasn’t too impressed with his efforts as after the match, he said, "Stop talking about him already.”

"He isn't the only bowler. Pakistan have five other bowlers who are doing well for them. There is just so much hype around him, I don't think it is right to give him too much hype after one match. He is good but he needs to prove it over and over again.” 

“Now people are comparing him to Wasim Akram and all that. He is just a normal bowler, on that given day if he is good, he is good. It is not as if he turns up and blows everyone away," he added.

However, the Pakistan pacer proved that his efforts weren’t a flash in the pan as he once again dismissed the Indian opener during his fiery opening spell which led Pakistan to the Champions Trophy title in June. 

Now, in response to Sharma’s initial jibe, Amir said that he holds no grudges against the Indian opener for his remark. "That was his opinion about me and he is entitled to that opinion," Amir told Sky Sports. 

"Maybe his opinion about me has now changed. "But let's get one thing clear, I would never call him an ordinary batsman. In fact, I would call him an extraordinary batsman. His record for India is superb and I respect him. 

"His opinions about other cricketers are up to him, but with all due respect I never worry about what other cricketers have to say about me. 

"It's not my concern at all and I just concentrate on my performances and what I am doing for my team. If I worried about other people's opinions of me that would just cause me stress and that is why I avoid it. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether it's labelling a cricketer world-class or ordinary; it is up to that individual."

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