Learnt wicket keeping techniques from MS Dhoni, reveals Ishan Kishan

Learnt wicket keeping techniques from MS Dhoni, reveals Ishan Kishan

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Ishan Kishan was bought for Rs 15.25 Crore by Mumbai Indians



Ishan Kishan has recently revealed that MS Dhoni taught him the wicket keeping techniques to sharpen his skills behind the wickets. Kishan also praised Dhoni’s tactics and recalled an incident when the former India captain plotted his dismissal in a match against Chennai Super Kings.

Ishan Kishan is one of the emerging talents in Indian cricket. After giving some impressive performances in domestic cricket, he impressed many in IPL. Kishan made his international debut in a T20I against England last year. He has played 10 T20Is and three ODIs for the Indian team so far. Reflecting on what he learnt from MS Dhoni, Kishan revealed that the former India captain taught him some techniques to improve his wicket keeping.

“So from what we’ve observed about keeping, Our hands are usually straight but when there is an edge, it moves to the right. But he taught me that the hand movement should be only this much,” Kishan stated in an episode of ‘Breakfast With Champions’.

“That should be all the movement. Not just the wrist. It should go like this (semi-pendulum motion). Once this becomes a habit, you’ll be able to catch even the thick edges.”

Kishan has been an important part of the Mumbai Indians and has enjoyed a successful stint in the league so far. The franchise paid a heavy price for him this season in the mega auction to acquire his services once again. Kishan shared an incident when Dhoni plotted his dismissal in a game against Chennai Super Kings. 

“In one of the IPL games, it really stressed me out the most. I was playing well and hitting the bowlers. But then Dhoni bhai walked up to the bowler and said something. I couldn’t hear what but he said something to Imran (Tahir) bhai,” he revealed.

“And in my mind, I’m wondering what Dhoni bhai has told him. I don’t know what happened but there was a half-volley ball, which I drove but got out caught at the short-third man. To date, I haven’t figured out how a batter trying to drive a spinner gets caught at the third man.”

Rohit Sharma has been one of the most successful captains in IPL guiding his team to multiple trophies. He has been praised by many for his brilliant tactics and his calm nature on the field. Kishan recalled an incident when he was scolded by Rohit. 

"You know what I did one time at Wankhede. I was new, it was my first season and I didn't know anything. Now, to make the ball old, you usually throw it on the ground. So, there was a lot of dew in the match that day. And I thought that if I roll the ball on the field, Rohit Bhai will be happy that I am making the ball old," he explained.

"So, in that dew, I rolled the ball to him. He took out his towel and began cursing at me. Then I looked down and realized what I had done. Then he told me, 'Don't take it personally, it is just match-to-match.”

Rahul Chahar has emerged from the IPL as he produced some brilliant performances in the league. Chahar made his international debut in July last year. In the IPL, he has 49 wickets from 45 matches with an economy of just 7.27. Kishan revealed that Rohit had played a key role in the improvement of Rahul Chahar while he was playing for Mumbai Indians

"I have seen it myself with Rahul Chahar, I am thinking after he has bowled 2-3 dot balls, I feel the batter is going to go for it. But (Rohit) from behind is telling him to release it even more. Rohit bhai has played a big role in Rahul's success," he stated.

"I have seen it myself how Rohit bhai would go from covers and give him confidence. Rahul would ask him if he needs to take the fielder behind. But Rohit would tell him 'I have faith in you. You will be able to do it.' And he would do it," he added.

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