Test cricket and T20 can co-exist together, opines Andrew Strauss

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England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Andrew Strauss has opined that Test cricket and T20s can sit together comfortably amongst the ongoing debate of the latter taking over other formats. He also mentioned that the game needs to have scheduled in such a way that players can play both formats.

With the recent decision of Trent Boult to pull out of the central contract, there has been a continuous debate regarding the rise of league cricket and the impact it might have on international cricket. The players are having plenty of workload with a jam-packed international schedule and so they are opting to step away from either of the formats. Ben Stokes retired from ODIs recently and many players can follow the suit soon. 

Many of the former cricketers have opined that there will be more format specialists in the future and the players will start preferring franchise leagues. Ravi Shastri stated that there will be league cricket throughout the year and international cricket will include only ICC events.


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England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Andrew Strauss opines that T20 and Test cricket can co-exist comfortably.

”One thing we know in other countries, Test cricket doesn’t pay the bills, as it does here. The T20 format is the way that a lot of people get introduced to the game in the first place. I still maintain that they can sit together comfortably, Test and T20 cricket,” Strauss told the Daily Telegraph.

“But the challenge we have is (to provide a) manageable schedule that allows players to do both. That is really complicated. It’s multi-dimensional. It definitely feels like right at the moment, the rate of change is increasing. And the truth is, none of us knows what’s around the corner so you can all look into the future and go, Yeah, we’re going to have this situation where players are signed up to franchises for 12 months of the year and there’s less international cricket. We don’t know any of that at this point.”

Asia Cup will be the next big event for the Indian team and they will aim for the T20 World Cup to be played later this year. 

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