ICC World T20 | Twitter reacts as 'innovative' Scott Edwards makes mockery of South African field setup

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With the drastically rising demand to score runs at a rapid pace in the T20, batters often come up with innovative strokes to pierce gaps. Netherlands’ Scott Edwards played reverse scoop to tackle the pace of Kagiso Rabada twice exploring the advantage of the third man not fielding in the deep.

Surpassing the expectations of many, the Netherlands are performing well in the game against South Africa posting a total of 158/4 in the first innings. The team got off to a good start but there was a slight dip in the scoring rate in the middle overs. However, Scott Edwards came up with an innovative shot to explore the vacant space behind the short third man. 

Kagiso Rabada came to bowl in the penultimate over and Edwards was facing the third delivery of the over. The third man was fielding in the 30-yard circle and Rabada bowled a good length delivery. Edwards switched his stance as soon as the ball was released and played a reverse scoop hitting the ball over the short third man’s head. The stroke awarded four runs to the batter and so he used the field setup to his advantage.

The batter then topped it off with a similar shot on the next ball. However, this time the shot was more difficult to execute as the ball was directed toward his body. Yet, Edwards managed to clear the same fielder and gather four more runs.Rabada was already having a bad day in the field and two consecutive strikes from Edwards’ rubbed salt on his wounds. 

Twitter reacted to the incident and expressed themselves over Kagiso Rabada being expensive in the game.

Poor field set-up from SA

He actually has lost a lot!


He is giving his best

Definetly a thing to worry about

Oh, is he?


He did

He had a bad day

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