SMAT | Twitter reacts as Prithvi Shaw hilariously emulates merry-go-round to end up beyond the pitch

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Some cricketers are simply born entertainers and keep finding unique ways of amusing crowds every now and then. On Friday during the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy encounter against Assam, Prithvi Shaw managed to entangle himself into all sorts of trouble but managed to survive with some hilarious batting.

Giants Mumbai took on minnows Assam in a Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Group A fixture at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium on Friday. Batting first, Mumbai skipper Prithvi Shaw was on song right from the word go, clearing the boundary and finding gaps with ease. By the end of six overs, he had already taken his team to a total of 80/1 and soon enough recorded his century off just 46 deliveries.

The youngster was clearly out for blood and seemed desperate to dispatch every ball beyond the boundary, a mindset that nearly made him pay in the 16th over. Facing spinner Roshan Alam who had been Assam’s pick of the bowlers, Shaw imposed his authority off the first delivery with a mammoth six. Deriving confidence from the shot, the 22-year-old stepped out again but a wily Alam read it and bowled way outside the wide marker. Caught in no man's land, Shaw outstretched to the maximum possible extent, managing to connect with the toe end of his bat. However, he nearly fell over in the process, left reeling on the ground on all fours beyond the limits of the pitch.

But Shaw was not completely safe yet. Aware of the run-out danger, the batter stumbled and scrambled before completing a full circle of desperation to return to his crease, but he did not stop there. Trying to retain his balance, Shaw's momentum kept him going as he ended up far up the ground before returning to his batting mark with a light jog. The internet was quick to come up with some hilarious reactions to the amusing incident.

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