Internet exclaims 'you cannot do that Glenn Phillips' after he pulls off absolute blinder

Internet exclaims 'you cannot do that Glenn Phillips' after he pulls off absolute blinder

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Glenn Phillips pulled off an stunner to dismiss Marcus Stoinis



The best catches are often witnessed on the biggest of stages and the T20 World Cup ensured an addition to the all-time list on Saturday in the first game itself. Glenn Phillips pulled off an absolute blinder by flying in the air and grabbing onto the ball mid-air at full stretch, stunning everyone.

Despite being pipped as the favourites ahead of the tournament, Australia find themselves in deep waters against New Zealand in the second innings. The Black Caps posted a mammoth total of 200/3 after being forced to bat first before making the wickets of the Kangaroos tumble at a rapid rate. However, amidst the shambolic collapse of the hosts, Glenn Phillips confirmed his early nomination for the ‘catch of the tournament’ title with a spectacular effort.

Mitchell Santer, having already taken two wickets, was brought on to bowl the ninth over of the innings with Marcus Stoinis on strike for the second delivery. The hosts were in desperate need of acceleration as they had managed just 50 runs by the end of eight overs. 

Stonis took the responsibility to bolster the pace of the innings and attempted an inside-out shot over covers on a full delivery outside off. The Kookaburra seemed to be heading for the gap between extra covers and long-off and a couple of runs at the very least seemed like the obvious result. However, Phillips had his own script in mind, completely turning the tables.

The batter made a sensational run in the deep and threw himself at the ball to take a two-handed stunner. He grabbed the ball mid-air and ensured it does not spill even though his body hit the turf hard. The disbelief at the super-human catch was evident in the commentators’ voices, reminding spectators of the incredible Ben Stokes catch at the 2019 ICC World Cup. Fans on social media also echoed the same sentiments as they heaped praise on the Kiwi. 

Already catch of the tournament!

Is it a plane or a bird?

Oustanding catch by super human Glenn Philips 100% 

Very super special catch of tournament for sure!

Jaw dropping catch!

Take a bow, Glenn Philips😳👏

Yes it is!

Can't believe what we just saw!


Brave cricketer!🥵🔥

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