IND vs AUS 2022 | Internet reacts to suffering fans being assaulted outside stadium in Hyderabad owing to poor management by HCA

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Chaos erupted outside the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on Thursday after videos emerged of fans getting subjected to sticks by the police while waiting to collect their tickets. The venue is scheduled to host the final T20I between India and Australia and has been in the news for its improper organization.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad was in the headlines on Thursday for all the wrong reasons after videos of unruly scenes outside the venue went viral online. The ground is slated to host the third T20I of the ongoing series between India and Australia on Sunday, September 25 from 7:30 PM onwards. The tickets have been on sale online for quite a while now but their home delivery had extra costs attached to them, upwards of INR 200 on occasions. Thus, the fans were required to collect the physical copies from the box office at the venue prior to the game in order to be allowed entry.

Following the announcement, thousands of fans had gathered outside to get their passes in keen anticipation of the encounter between the world's number one side and the reigning World T20 champions. However, insufficient instructions and callous management by the Hyderabad Cricket Association saw the crowd get overwhelming before eventual disarray. The situation got such that the local police had to step in and take control, using their sticks in the process to ensure fans remain in the queue.

Nevertheless, the internet was left raging at the incident considering innocent supporters of the game had to go through such an ordeal just to obtain tickets to a cricket encounter. The HCA also received major flak for being unable to organize the process properly despite the high-profile nature of the encounter, raising concerns over what might unfold on the day of the match.  


Poor management

Sad state

Huge crowd

Justice for Hyderabad fans

Lathi charge 

Huge number of fans

The situation could have been better managed


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