Womens T20 WC| Twitter blasts umpire as her blunder allows Nida Dar to bowl seven balls in over

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Going by the rulebook for cricket, a bowler is allowed to bowl only six deliveries in an over, and he should be changed after the completion of the over. However, the India-Pakistan World Cup encounter witnessed an exception to this rule as Nida Dar bowled seven balls in an over.

Whenever India and Pakistan are pitted against each other in a cricket match it results in an intense battle. The hype for the game is always high but it also witnesses some bizarre moments due to the action of players on the field. However, the umpire was the root cause of a weird incident this time around as he failed to keep a tab on the deliveries bowled by the bowler in the seventh over of the innings. 

Nida Dar was bowling the 7th over of the innings while Pakistan were defending a target of 150. She had leaked only six runs from an over and the over was supposed to conclude. However, the bowler continued bowling and also the umpire failed to notice that the bowler is bowling one extra ball. Umpire’s mistake resulted in a seven-ball over and also four extra runs for Pakistan as Jemimah Rodrigues smashed the seventh ball of the over for a boundary. 

Twitter also noticed the incident and expressed their sentiments on the strange incident. 

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