Looking foward to staying at Manchester City for long time, admits Fernandinho

Looking foward to staying at Manchester City for long time, admits Fernandinho

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With less than six months left on his current deal with the club, Fernandinho has confirmed that he will extend his contract with Manchester City. The Brazilian has been forced to play as a center-back for most of this season but has transitioned seamlessly into the role amidst an injury crisis.

The former Shakhtar Donetsk man has been an irreplaceable midfielder for the club since his arrival in the summer of 2013 but with Rodri’s arrival this summer, things have changed. Now at 34 and injuries piling up, Fernandinho has been phased out of the squad but injuries to key defenders has seen 34-year-old move into defense.

That has always been the plan for Pep Guardiola, and Fernandinho has answered the call despite a few issues with the transition. He's played nearly every game this season in defense and now the Brazilian looks like a bonafide part of the back-line and with less than six months left on his current contract with the club, he went on to admit that he is looking to sign a new deal.

"When I renewed at the end of 2018, we put a clause that if I reached certain goals, my contract would be renewed automatically. Conversations have already started, we talked about it last month. I am close to reaching those goals and renewing the contract, but we can only confirm it after signing The club have already shown interest in me staying, I have also shown [my interest] in staying,” he said reported ESPN.

Playing as a center-back hasn’t really appealed to many defensive midfielders in the past but while Fernandinho has done well in it, there is also a chance of him making a return back to the midfield. Aymeric Laporte is back in training and so is John Stones, with both men weeks away from full-fitness, which will hand Pep Guardiola his backline back. But for now, the mainstay center-back in the side is Fernandinho and the Brazilian went on to admit that he’s happy to do his part for the team.

"It's good as long as you can be at the highest level. Playing in a different position opens up the range of learning. In defence, I see the game in a different way. It has been very cool and the guidance I have received from Pep has been very good. At 34, playing in the Premier League is a source of pride. Many, many players wanted to be experiencing what I am experiencing,” he added.

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