Was going crazy over the last couple of weeks, reveals Mario Balotelli

Was going crazy over the last couple of weeks, reveals Mario Balotelli

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Mario Balotelli plays for Serie A side Brescia



Italian footballer Mario Balotelli revealed that the lockdown hasn’t gone down well with him and often turned him ‘crazy.’ Serie A was the first of the major European Leagues to have been suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak and it yet to return since the last match played on March 9.

Stuck at home owing to the nationwide lockdown in Italy, Mario Balotelli finds it hard to cope with the situation. The Brescia star, not only felt alone due to the fact that his family members were elsewhere, but it also made him ‘crazy.’ The lack of training has made him unfit to play and agreed on the fact that he has lost ball control as a result of that. 

“I was going crazy the last couple of weeks, because I was totally alone. My daughter is in Naples, my son is in Zurich, my mother is of a certain age and needs to be protected, my brothers are in quarantine with their children, so I was left by myself. It was tough,” said Mario Balotelli, as reported by Football Italia.

“If you pass me the ball now, I am not able to get it under control with a first touch. It’s been two months since I touched the ball,” added the footballer.

Even though training outside was strictly prohibited as per the lockdown guidelines, Balotelli went out to the nearby park to do a little running, as he feels it is impossible to train at home without a running machine. Brescia and other Serie A sides will start group training from May 18, as directed by the Italian government.

“It’s impossible to train properly if you don’t have a running machine, so even though it wasn’t really allowed, I went to the park near me to do a little running,” admitted the Italian International. 

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