We need to conquer Europe to get recognition from everyone in world, proclaims Pep Guardiola

We need to conquer Europe to get recognition from everyone in world, proclaims Pep Guardiola

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola believes that his side needs to win the Champions League and conquer Europe in order for his work to be classified in the same bracket as his Barcelona team. The Cityzens have reached the semi-finals and final of the tournament but have never won the trophy.

Over the last few years while Manchester City have dominated in England and won every trophy possible, the Cityzens have struggled to do the same in Europe. That especially includes the Champions League as while they have reached the final and semi-finals over the last few years, Pep Guardiola’s side haven’t quite gotten over the hump. They were beaten by Olympique Lyon in the 2019/20 semi-finals and then by Chelsea in the final of the 2020/21 tournament.

It has many believing that City’s time is now especially with Guardiola’s side in all three competitions that they are competing in. However, they’re battling Liverpool for the Premier League title and in the FA Cup semi-final as well but Guardiola believes that for his City side to reach the levels that his Barcelona one did, they need to conquer Europe. The Spaniard further added that his team and work has received incredible compliments over the years and he’s proud of what his side have done.

“I think we’ve had incredible words and compliments. What we feel together inside is that we will remember that period with big satisfaction with what we’ve done. Sometimes to be happy we get the proof from outside to be happy inside and that is stupid. What we want is proof from the outside that what we’ve done is right. It is right what we’ve done and it is right what we’re doing,” said Guardiola.

“I agree with most of the people who said that we’ve not achieved in Europe, we’ve not won the Champions League and maybe they are right. To get the recognition of everyone in the world outside we need to conquer Europe.”

“Is it going to happen? I don’t know – so far what we’ve done here makes me incredibly happy. First of all we had fun. We did many, many good things, that’s my feeling. But whether it is enough doesn’t matter. I could not care less.

“Many people have said good things about my team and we appreciate it. The things we’ve done and the way we’ve done it – dominating many times – and I’m sure you will agree with me, the period of five seasons is a long time. These seasons we were always there and that is good,” he added.

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