PKL 2019 | Sandeep Dhull’s last tackle was game-changing, says Srinivas Reddy

PKL 2019 | Sandeep Dhull’s last tackle was game-changing, says Srinivas Reddy

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Jaipur Pink Panthers coach Srinivas Reddy has mentioned that the last-minute tackle by Sandeep Dhull changed the result of the game for them. He also added that their offence and defence both fired at right moments which helped them win the match and also praised the team for the performance.

This was Jaipur Pink Panthers' second consecutive win in Season 7 of the PKL. They won 27-25 against Bengal Warriors in a hard-fought match last night in which the Panthers showcased an all-round performance which helped them come back from behind and win this match. 

Even though the Bengal Warriors’ defenders were in form, the Jaipur raiders managed to score 12 points in total. Their skipper Deepak Niwas Hooda scored six points while Deepak Narwal and Sachin Narwal scored two points each. The Panthers defence seemed hurried in the starting but they managed to come back well. The leading scorer of the match Sandeep Dhull scored eight tackle points.

“There were some moments where our defence fumbled but apart from that, Sandeep Dhull’s performance was outstanding throughout the match. His last tackle was a game-changing tackle. He performed against a player who had scored a Super 10 in his last match which speaks for his quality,” Jaipur coach Srinivas Reddy was quoted as saying by the PKL official website.

The Panthers displayed an all-round performance along with the never say die attitude which helped them make a comeback in the match and win the thriller last night. The coach was pleased by everyone’s performance and hoped they would continue with the same momentum in the remaining games of the League.

“It was a good victory because Bengal Warriors, too, have a good team and they had won big in Hyderabad. It was a close match but both teams are good. They had even won their previous match in Hyderabad. I am glad that both our defence and offence fired. It really was a great performance by the boys,” the coach signed off.

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