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featuresports5 months ago

Throwback Thursday | Kane Williamson’s dagger cuts through Starc and Australia’s hearts

Last time around, there was something about Headingley but this time around, there is really something about this rivalry - Australia and New Zealand. It isn’t a rivalry like England-Australia or India-Pakistan but the classics and close games it has produced is unparalleled.
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featuresports9 months ago

Satire Saturday | Morgan-McCullum have revolutionised the Indian Premier League

Before you step up and criticise your own team, yes you, KKR fans, because no one really cares about Brendon McCullum as a coach other than you, the duo of Eoin Morgan and McCullum has really revolutionized the Indian Premier League. Wondering how? Read the headline once again!
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featuresports10 months ago

Truthful Tuesday | Lack of Indian coaches in IPL - a product of India’s post-retirement bifurcation

‘I believe more Indian coaches should coach the IPL teams simply because they have the experience; they have also been coaching the states exceedingly well. Hopefully, IPL teams will have more Indian coaches than foreign coaches’ - Dilip Vengsarkar minced no words in uttering his views.
Bastab K Parida
featuresportsa year ago

Throwback Thursday | Bisla-inspired KKR down CSK to lift maiden IPL title

Welcome to the series where we present you a moment, a game in history that has shaped the way the sport has been played, in our weekly segment ‘Throwback Thursday.' This week, we revisit one of the most iconic moments in IPL history, the Knight Riders beating CSK to lift their maiden IPL title.
Anirudh Suresh
featuresportsa year ago

What if Wednesday | What if Brendon McCullum never captained New Zealand

On March 31 2015, Brendon McCullum's New Zealand team were received at home as heroes despite their World Cup final defeat, in Melbourne, at the hands of Australia. That’s how much the people were taken by the ‘Baz’ era that changed their cricket forever, but what if Baz never happened to them?
Sritama Panda