WATCH | Divya Kakran questions wrestlers accusing WFI president

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While the attack on the WFI president over alleged sexual harassment, by the women wrestlers is only intensifying, youngster Divya Kakran has come out in support of Brij Bhushan Singh. As per the CWG bronze medalist, the charges levelled against Singh are all false and baseless too.

Kakran said that when the false allegations were not working, accusers retorted to newer techniques. "No one is questioning those who are levelling these baseless allegations. When old allegations aren't working, the accusers are in search of new allegations against Sharan. I myself is participating in wrestling camps since I was 14 and have never faced any kind of issue. I also haven't seen any kind of misbehavior by Sharan towards the women players."

Kakran in a video went on to say that she has found the federation to be very helpful at all times. She added that even PM Modi had hailed the contribution of Singh, to lift the standards of Indian wrestling.

"Sharan also played a vital role in finding sponsors for the wrestling team and helped us a great deal when we were in Mongolia for a competition," said the bronze medal winner. Such was the situation that eventually Singh had to fly to New Delhi on Wednesday to defend himself.

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