Shivpal Singh permitted to compete after suspension reduced to one year

Shivpal Singh permitted to compete after suspension reduced to one year

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Shivpal Singh, a top javelin thrower from India, had his four-year suspension reduced to one on Tuesday after the National Anti-Doping Agency's (NADA) Appeal Panel agreed with his claim that a "contaminated supplement" was to blame for his failed drug test, according to Singh's attorney.

Shivpal, who competed in the Tokyo Olympics, was given a four-year ban by the NADA's Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel on August 16 of last year after a September 2021 out-of-competition test revealed that his dope sample had steroid residue. Shivpal had competed in the Tokyo Olympics.

The Uttar Pradesh athlete's suspension term had started on October 21, 2021, and as a result of Tuesday's decision, he is now allowed to compete. "Shivpal had contented before the Appeal Panel that the positive test was not intentional rather it occurred due to a fake/contaminated supplement. The said supplement was duly disclosed by the athlete in the Doping Control Form at the time of sample collection," his lawyer Parth Goswami told PTI.

"The fake supplement was purchased from a retailer namely Herbal Power Pharmacy and the supplement store was later found to be involved in the sale of contaminated supplements and an FIR was registered against the retailer," Goswami added.

The National Dope Testing Laboratory examined the supplement Shivpal ingested. "The NDTL confirmed the supplements to be contaminated and also confirmed the presence of Methandienone which was found in the sample of the athlete," Goswami said.

Through his attorneys, Shivpal argued that he had verified the supplement's label and taken the necessary precautions, which revealed no illegal substances.

"The Appeal Panel held that it was satisfied that Shivpal did basic research and checks in the form of internet search and checking contents before taking the supplement and the Panel also held that Shivpal was neither reckless nor negligent."

Goswami also asserted that the NADA was given the order to make sure that "fake supplements" did not get to the nation's athletes by the Appeal Panel, which was presided over by Supreme Court attorney Abhinav Mukerji.

He said that the NADA was also instructed to develop a programme designating specific stores around the nation as trustworthy suppliers from which athletes may buy supplements without worry.

Shivpal failed an out-of-competition test, and as a result, was placed under a temporary ban in October 2021. He had tested positive for the drug Metandieonone, which is prohibited. Surprisingly, the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel issued the ruling in August of last year, and the National Anti-Doping Agency's website did not yet have the full verdict published.

After the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, when there was no national camp in existence, Shivpal's test was carried out.

His name appeared on the Sports Authority of India's list of athletes for the camp that would run from October 15 to December 31, 2021. But when the camp was extended to March 31 of last year, he was dismissed. With a throw of 86.23m, Shivpal earned a silver medal at the 2019 Asian Championships in Doha, which remained his best effort.

With a best throw of 76.40 metres, he placed 27th overall and 12th in his group during the second qualification round at the Tokyo Olympics. He hasn't participated in any events since then.

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