This will be my last Worlds and Olympics, admits Sarita Devi

This will be my last Worlds and Olympics, admits Sarita Devi

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Ace Indian women boxer Sarita Devi has admitted that from the realistic point of view this would be her last World Boxing Championships and Olympics, as she would be focusing on her personal life. Sarita has her path to the Tokyo Games finals crystal clear as she gets ready one last time.

37-year-old Sarita Devi has come under heavy criticism with her detractors pointing to her slowing speed, movement, and agility with age with the puglist in the twilight of her career. And she admitted that she has full idea of where she is standing at the moment and stated that the upcoming Worlds and Olympics would be her last shot at greatness.

"I haven't taken any decision so far, but I do understand that realistically speaking, this will be my last Worlds and the Olympics. In all likelihood, I won't be actively competing anymore. My entire focus will thereafter shift to my family and the academy," said Sarita, reported TOI

Apart from her kid and family, Sarita also has a boxing academy back home to look after and the veteran boxer would want to end her career with an Olympic medal before she returned back. "My dream is to win an Olympic medal which has so far eluded me. I want to retire with an Olympic medal hanging around my neck. 

“It would be an ideal tribute to all the sacrifices I have made on personal front in last 20 years of my boxing career. At this Worlds, I want to tell my critics that Sarita is yet not finished," she added.

The path is pretty simple for Sarita. She would need to win a gold or silver at the World Championship, scheduled to be held in Ulan-Ude from October 3 to 13, which would consequently help her qualify for the first Olympic qualifier in Wuhan, China. Thereafter, one last good show in her specialized 60 kg category could see her fly to Tokyo.

Sarita admitted that she has been well aware of her limitations with age and she has been working on them regularly."I have worked on my speed, movement and tried to punch faster. We Indians are not fast in foot movement, but have power in our punches. So, I have created a balance between the two. Now, my game has become more attacking," she added.

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