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'Sunstruck' Shahbaz Ahmed takes scorching-blinder to leave Steve Smith stunned

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Ahmed took a stunner against RR

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'Sunstruck' Shahbaz Ahmed takes scorching-blinder to leave Steve Smith stunned

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There's a thing about excellence that leaves you thrilled to the core and gives goosebumps every time someone does an extraordinarily exceptional job as Shahbaz Ahmed did to catch Steve Smith off-guard with a stunner. Smith was dismissed by Morris on the first ball of the final over.

So, it's the first ball of the final over to be bowled by Chris Morris. Steve Smith, who's hammering the hell out of RCB bowlers, is on strike and plays a wonderful shot over the off-side, now that's what it looked liked to me when it shovelled off Smith's bat, who was showing no mercy on the Reds' bowlers. But as the ball is in air, commentators are saying that it might be taken, after all, big boundaries, it's Dubai, not Sharjah, but then the moment arrives. The moment of the RCB innings, the moment of the final over. 

The sweeper fielder gobbles an absolute blinder on the boundary ropes, he's flying in the air when he catches the white cherry as if his life depends on it and it's such a brilliant moment that as a fan of the game, who loves the sport, which is like a gift, which never stops giving, you just stand up, and doff your hat to the fielder. What a moment. This is how life peaks for a cricket viewer.

The fielder was Shahbaz Ahmed, so he had slightly misjudged the ball, which is quite obvious as the scorching sunlight is falling directly on him, and he isn't even there with sunglasses. As a result, he has to dive to his right and backwards, which is again very tricky especially when you have on back of your mind that the boundary rope is near, but he hangs on the catch, much to the astonishment of the RR skipper, Steve Smith. And we get another moment to cherish. 

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