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Twitter reacts to ‘Sensational Surya’ smashing Cummins out of Chepauk with sheer nonchalance

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SKY brings out another 50 by huge six


Twitter reacts to ‘Sensational Surya’ smashing Cummins out of Chepauk with sheer nonchalance

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Somehow, everytime you watch him bat, Suryakumar Yadav gets better. He evolved as a batsman through IPL 2020 and remarkably, he seems to have polished his batting even more this season. The same was evident today in Chennai, when ‘SKY’ smashed Cummins out of Chepauk with just his wrists.

‘He seems to be batting on a different wicket’ is a cliche used by many a fan and commentator to describe an in-form batsman, but every time Suryakumar Yadav comes to bat, he does look like he carries the Wankhede pitch along with him; he makes the toughest of wickets look like a batting paradise. 

Walking in at 10/1 at the end of the 2nd over, with the Mumbai openers struggling to hit the spinners out of the square, Suryakumar had no business sweeping Harbhajan for a four on just his second ball but he did it. Over the course of his next 30 balls, like he always does, Surya toyed with the bowlers to bring up yet another IPL fifty. But it was what he did on the fifth ball of the 10th over that truly captured his form, talent, confidence and made a case for him being the best No.3 in T20 cricket right now.

Having conceded just 8 runs off his first 10 balls, a confident Pat Cummins ran in oozing confidence, hoping to slide in another quiet over. The first four balls had cost just three runs, so he had every right to believe that Mumbai were looking to just ‘play him out’. And so, the tall Aussie landed one of those good-length-deliveries just outside off-stump on ball five, in the anticipation that the batsman would nudge it for a single. What he didn’t know was that Suryakumar was hell-bent on taking no prisoners. 

As the ball - a pretty decent one - landed in the slot, SKY’s eyes lit up. Batting on 44*, having got the hang of the wicket, he took a step to his right and nonchalantly swatted the ball away with a simple flick of his wrists. Such shots usually pierce the gap or, at best, land in the dugout but not in this case. So good was the connection, so perfect was the timing and so impeccable was the hand-eye coordination that the ball, remarkably, went out of Chepauk. 

The distance of the six measured 99 meters, but the stroke meant much, much more. It was essentially a 5-second reel that proved why SKY is, on current form, arguably the best batsman in the world.


Sky has arrived!

This guy is amazing!


Another 50! 

How big was that?

Another knock!


SKY, you beauty!

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