India women and men cricketers to earn same match fee, announces Jay Shah

India women and men cricketers to earn same match fee, announces Jay Shah

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Women cricketers will now earn similar amount of match fee



Jay Shah has made a historic announcement revealing that women cricketers will earn the same amount of match fee in the future wiping out the gender inequality in the pay scale. The women cricketers will now earn INR 15 lakh for a Test, six lakh for an ODI, and three lakh for T20I while Indian team.

The major gap in pay scale of the men and women cricketers has been a topic of debate for a few months. The men cricketers used to earn much more as match fee than their female counterparts. However, a recent historic step by BCCI has addressed the issue and has brought both the genders on similar levels. 

Under the new pay equity policy, the women will earn Rs 15 lakh for a Test, Rs 6 lakh for an ODI and 3 lakh for a T20I. However, there are no changes to BCCI’s annual retainers for women players. Those on the higher side take home Rs 50 lakh while Grade B and Grade C will continue to earn Rs 30 lakh and Rs 10 lakh each. 

Jay Shah confirmed the development describing the move as ‘“the first step towards tackling discrimination”. According to ESPNcricinfo, the BCCI are in talks with the country's top women cricketers to make some changes to annual retainers. The move is set to change the scenario for women cricketers they might reap immense benefits from the decision. 

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