PAK vs NZ, 1st ODI | Twitter goes 'just Pakistan things' after umpire halts game to fix blatantly wrong 30-yard-circle

PAK vs NZ, 1st ODI | Twitter goes 'just Pakistan things' after umpire halts game to fix blatantly wrong 30-yard-circle

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The groundstaff had to be brought on early on in the ODI to place the 30-yard-markers correctly



Unexpected bloopers and shambolic organization aren't rare in professional sports but when it comes to Pakistan, the frequency of such events seems to shoot through the skies. The country came under the limelight yet again on Saturday after the groundstaff marked the 30-yard-circle incorrectly.

Pakistan kicked off the first ODI against New Zealand in Rawalpindi by winning the toss and choosing to take the field first. With both sides playing a second-string XI due to workload management and the unavailability of some major stars due to the Indian Premier League, Will Young was set to face Naseem Shah in the first over of the day/night encounter. The 20-year-old bowled with discipline, only conceding four runs courtesy of a brilliant straight drive from his counterpart, meaning the strike switched to Chad Bowes against debutant pacer Ihsanullah Khan for the following over. However, just as the much-anticipated clash was about to begin, proceedings were slightly delayed for hilarious reasons that saw Pakistan Cricket become the talk of the Twitterati once again for all the wrong reasons.

On-field officials Aleem Dar and Rashid Riaz, both belonging to the host nation, noticed something strange with the field before Ihsanullah could begin his run-up. The white circular markers used to demarcate the 30-yard-circle seemed too far behind compared to the norm and upon inspection, their suspicions were proven right. Chaos ensued as the off-field officials walked onto the ground alongside the groundsmen to re-measure the 30-yards and place the discs in their correct places while the players waited around to mend a shambolic flaw in the basic setup of the field. The Twitterati could not believe the unprecedented incident occurring on the field and took to social media to proclaim only Pakistan was capable of pulling off such extraordinary feats.

Pakistan being Pakistan!


It's even less for him there!

They can do anything!

Human error pro max!



They are very innocent in everything!

Just for fun!

Laugh is good for health!

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