WATCH, BBL 2023 | Third Umpire causes confusion with two contrasting calls on same delivery

WATCH, BBL 2023 | Third Umpire causes confusion with two contrasting calls on same delivery

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Josh Phillipe was dimissed on a score of 16 runs against Brisbane Heat



Umpiring is always a tough job as the officials have to be watchful all the time and they do make a mess of the task assigned to them sometimes. The third umpire pulled off such an act in a BBL fixture between Sydney and Brisbane declaring the batter to be not out before overturning the decision.

The Challenger of the BBL 2023 is being played between  Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat. The game has turned out to be a low-scoring affair with bowlers from both sides bowling in tight areas. However, they were not the only ones to grab the attention of the spectators with their performance the third umpire also stole the limelight with some bizarre decision-making. 

Sydney Sixers were batting first and they had scored 43/1 from the first six overs. Matthew Kuhnemann came to bowl the seventh over of the innings and Josh Phillipe was on strike to face the first ball of the over. Kuhnemann bowled a delivery slightly outside off and the batter attempted a sweep against it. However, he failed in his attempt and the wicketkeeper appealed for the dismissal collecting the ball. 

The on field umpire declared it to be not out and Sydney Sixers challenged the decision by taking a review. The ultra edge showed that there was a spike as the ball went past the gloves but the bat had also hit the ground at the same time. The third umpire then instructed the on field umpire to stay with his decision of not out. 

Surprisingly, he checked the replays once again after a few seconds and concluded that the ball had brushed the gloves of the batter. As a result, the third umpire overturned his own decision taken a few moments ago. With the same umpire giving two contrasting decisions on the same delivery it was one of the most bizarre dismissals in the cricket world. 

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