IND vs NZ | Twitter laughs as Rohit Sharma's 'ghajini' mode leads to confusion after winning toss

IND vs NZ | Twitter laughs as Rohit Sharma's 'ghajini' mode leads to confusion after winning toss

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Rohit Sharma forgot his decision after winning the toss



Rohit Sharma’s talks after the toss lead to a dose of laughter sometimes because of forgetting one thing or the other. He caused a similar incident by failing to remember what the team management had decided to do after winning the toss reminding everyone of a movie character ‘Ghajini’.

Rohit and Co. have been on top of the proceedings in the second ODI against New Zealand with their display of quality bowling. The hosts’ bowling unit trouble the opposition batters from the start and the visitors might end up with a low total. The hosts have made headlines with their performance so far in the match but captain Rohit Sharma started the match on a positive note as his gesture after winning the toss sent everyone into splits. 

After Rohit won the toss in Raipur, match referee Jawagal Srinath asked him about his decision. The Indian captain then kept his hand on his forehead and started remembering their plan after winning the toss. The cheeky gesture from Rohit caused opposition captain Tom Latham to laugh and Jawagal Srinath also had a smile on his face. 

After taking some time Rohit announced his decision to bowl. He also admitted that he forgot what was decided amongst so much discussion in the dressing room regarding what to do after winning the toss. Twiterratis also enjoyed the incident and shared some hilarious content on social media. 

What do we do now?


Hilarious incident!

How is this even possible?

Lol! Very funny.

Why was there so much confusion?

Pretty natural for Rohit bhayya! xD xD


Just little late to take a call!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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