WATCH | Embarrassed Michael Neser goes through all seven stages of grief after celebrating free-hit catch

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Michael Neser isn't the first or the last cricketer to commit an embarrassing gaffe on the cricket field but few cycle through their emotions as graphically as him. The Australian was left thoroughly embarrassed in the Vitality T20 Blast after his lack of awareness resulted in a missed opportunity.

S‌ussex soared to second in the Vitality T20 Blast South Group on Friday by clinching a seven-run win against Hampshire in Southampton. The side's victory was set up by a formidable batting performance resulting in an unsurpassable score of 184/8 despite Michael Neser wrecking their top order with three wickets in the powerplay. Nevertheless, it was not all smooth sailing for the Australian all-rounder as his last contribution to the encounter was one he would wish to forget soon.

Brad Wheal committed the unforgivable sin of bowling a no-ball on the last ball of the innings but was quickly saved the blushes by an even more embarrassing gaffe by Neser. On the ensuing free-hit, Nathan McAndrew launched the Kookaburra straight into the hands of the experienced Australian at long-on who opted to celebrate the grab with a stoic jog back to the centre. Meanwhile, sheer pandemonium was breaking loose on the pitch as Wheal screamed out his lungs asking for the ball back. By the time Neser realised the obvious, it was all too late as the batters had crossed back for the second run.

Neser immediately raised a hand in apology before looking to the heavens with his eyes closed. A slight nod of the head reeking with disgust followed before the veteran simply hung his head in shame and came to terms with his mistake, inadvertently producing a highlight reel for the T20 Blast folklore.

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