Pankaj Advani pairs with Aditya Mehta to win World Team Snooker event, bags his 23rd world title

Pankaj Advani pairs with Aditya Mehta to win World Team Snooker event, bags his 23rd world title

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Pankaj Advani ensured that his name was there on every IBSF world title on offer after he clinched the IBSF World Snooker Team event. While this was the 23rd world title, which only tallied to his title cabinet, for Aditya Mehta this was the first, which came amidst his health concerns.

Mehta was really the deserving winner of the title for the sheer confidence he played with. He drew the first blood by winning the opener 65-31 in a domineering fashion. However, when he needed support from Advani, the star went down 9-69 in the second rounds.

However, Mehta steered the doubles tie to India’s way after a handy 55 break by him. Gradually, Advani got into flow and India were 3-2 up needing just two frames in the best-of-nine final to lift the title. This is where Advani took the charge and in the second doubles frame, he took India one frame away with an aid of a 52 break.

Eventually, it was Mehta who sealed the title for India by thrashing the defending champion 83-9 in the seventh to get his name on the elite list of world champions.

“I’m absolutely excited to win my first world title. All the years of hard work and struggle has finally paid off,” said Mehta, reported PTI.

Advani too was ecstatic. “It’s a dream trip for me as I return from Myanmar in under 3 weeks with 2 world championship gold medals and a bronze (which he got in the world 6-red snooker event). I’m over the moon to have won the only missing world title on my list and this win is very special for that reason.

“It’s been a long but satisfying outing. Having to switch from billiards to snooker in a day and to come out on top is a reassurance that specialising in two sports is indeed achievable,” Advani added.

Advani would next be travelling to Australia for the long format of the World Billiards Championship, which has been scheduled to begin in the first week of October.

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