Dutch players and coaches agree on sliding scale league wide salary-cut

Dutch players and coaches agree on sliding scale league wide salary-cut

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The Dutch association of contracted players along with the coaches and the players have come to a decision that their salaries would be reduced in the near future. The Eredivisie has already been called-off by Royal Dutch Football Association in what was a move forced by the COVID-19 virus.

In what is a first of its kind move in Europe, the Dutch clubs, coaches organisation, and the trade and players union – the Association of contracted players (also known as VVCS) have agreed on a wage cut that is supposed to cut the salary bill by about €35m a year. The cuts will be operational in slabs, starting with a 12.5 percent to a rate of €25,000 a year and a ceiling of around 20% of salaries for the highest-paid players. 

“The package of measures we are recommending means the strongest shoulders will carry the heaviest burden. I am proud that we have been able to do this and that players have shown themselves to be responsible in making a very considerable contribution to solving the problem,” said Evgeniy Levchenko, the chairman of VVCS, as reported by DutchNews.nl.

The average salary of Eredivisie players is approximately €291,000 a year, according to sources, with the top-tier clubs paying a decent amount to their players compared to the major European leagues. Ajax player Hakim Ziyech, who has already left for Chelsea, was the highest-paid player in the league with a salary of €4m per year. Even though the decision is painful, the VVCS feels that it was necessary as per the current situation.

“This is a tough and painful measure for everyone who works in professional football, including the trainers and coaches. But we think this is necessary and unavoidable,” stated Mario Captein, a member of the coaches association (CBV).

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