I-League clubs unanimously appeal to AIFF to freeze relegation for this season

I-League clubs unanimously appeal to AIFF to freeze relegation for this season

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Isac Doru is the technical director of AIFF



The AIFF (All India Football Federation) is likely to freeze relegation in the I-League for the next season after the clubs requested for the same owing to the pandemic. Apparently, the clubs are facing challenges that include short duration of preparation time, reduced training hours and transfers.

The pandemic situation has been pretty challenging for Indian clubs and echoing along the same lines, the AIFF (All India Football Federation) technical director Isaac Doru had initiated talks to do away with relegations for I-League this season owing to the pandemic situation. At least 23 countries including Argentina (Liga Profesional de Futbol), Mexico (Liga MX), Romania (Liga 1) and Japan (J-League and J2-League) and Netherlands (Eredivisie) have frozen relegations for the same.

“I have been in conversation with all club coaches during the pandemic. Everyone mentioned about the challenges faced, which included short duration for preparation, reduced training hours, difficulties in organising friendly matches, transfer problems amongst others,” said Isac Doru.

A meeting was conducted regarding the same on Friday, I-League CEO informed that the clubs have unanimously written to the AIFF not to relegate any team this season. The official has also backed the move and they are likely to freeze relegation, which will mean NEROCA FC will feature in the upcoming season.

“The AIFF approached all participating clubs and all of them have unanimously mentioned to us in writing that under current circumstances relegation should be frozen,” said Sunando Dhar.

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