Been eventful and outstanding season but we want rewards for it, asserts Virgil van Dijk

Been eventful and outstanding season but we want rewards for it, asserts Virgil van Dijk

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Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk has admitted that while it has been an incredible 2021/22 season for the Reds, the entire squad now wants to kick on and earn their rewards. This comes in light of the fact that the Reds are ten games from winning the first quadruple in English football history.

Following an incredible Carabao Cup final which saw Jurgen Klopp and his side walk away with their first trophy of the season, it had many fans believing that a historic year was on the cards for the Reds. That has continued on as Liverpool remain the only team still involved in all three competitions and trophies available for every English team, as they are in the final of the FA Cup while also being in the semi-finals of the Champions League and challenging for the league title.

However, while the latter is dependent on Manchester City, the two cups are in Liverpool’s hands. It could see them potentially lift a historic quadruple, something no English club has ever done in the past although Manchester City and Manchester United have come close. In light of that, Virgil van Dijk believes that the next month will be tough and intense for the Reds but the entire squad is up for the challenge. He also added that the season has been “eventful” and “outstanding” which is why they want to make it a “special and fantastic one”.

"It's still going to be quite a tough journey until the end of the season in all the competitions we're still in. Like we always say, we take it game by game and that doesn't change. Driving players on is winning games and at the start of the season, in any competition you participate in, you try to get as far as possible,” Van Dijk said, reported Sky Sports.

“It doesn't always go that way and that's why it's never been done in England. The quadruple has never happened. Obviously we're in a good situation, we have a final to play in the FA Cup, we have semi-finals against a very difficult opponent in the Champions League [against Villarreal] and we are second in the league.

"What we feel is we just have to give it a go, play the remaining games of the season with a lot of joy, work hard and give your all and we'll see where it leads to. It's been an eventful, outstanding season with everyone being a big part of it in all competitions - younger players, players who don't play as much as they want…. It's going great. But you want rewards for it. 

“We won rewards so far this season with the League Cup and we're trying to get rewards at the end of the whole season. It's been so far a very good season for us but we want to make it a special and fantastic one,” he added.

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