Would be surprised if Casemiro isn't feeling little disrespected right now, proclaims Rio Ferdinand

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Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has opined that Casemiro hasn’t been given a proper chance to showcase what he can do for the club and believes that he might feel disrespected. The former Real Madrid superstar has made just six appearances for the Red Devils, starting just once.

Following his £70 million move to Manchester United this summer, many fans and critics alike have been wondering why Casemiro hasn’t featured more often so far. The 30-year-old has made just six appearances for the Red Devils while all four of his Premier League appearances have been off the bench. Not only that, the midfielder has started just one game for the club, in the Europa League, and it has shocked many.

Manchester United are still searching for consistency and the statistic is even more surprising in light of the club’s recent 6-3 loss to Manchester City. It has left Rio Ferdinand bemused as he admitted that the 30-year-old hasn’t been given a proper chance by the club yet which has seen him regress when it comes to his match fitness. Not only that, Ferdinand added that if he was Casemiro, then he would definitely feel disrespected by the way things have gone so far.

“The geezer (Casemiro) hasn't been given a chance. He hasn't been given a fair crack of the whip. He's come in and played in a Europa League game against some dead team. 'He hasn't been given a start in the side when he's fit and ready, he's regressed in terms of fitness, so he's worse off than when he came," Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel FIVE.

“He must be sitting there and thinking; 'Wow, I'm happy to be here at Manchester United, but I'm feeling a little bit disrespected here, given what I've done'. I'd be surprised if he's not feeling like that."

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