PKL 2019 | It was an excellent game of kabaddi but we were unlucky, says Jagdish Kumble

PKL 2019 | It was an excellent game of kabaddi but we were unlucky, says Jagdish Kumble

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The assistant coach of Telugu Titans Jagdish Kumble was impressed with how the game against Bengal Warriors was played but believed a few points in their favour could have turned around the result. Coach Gholamreza Mazandarani pointed out that the youngsters in his team need time to develop.

Bengal Warriors skipper Maninder Singh's 17 raid points helped his team see off Telugu Titans in a nail-biting encounter that finished with just one point separating the two teams with the score 40-39. With the points at 40-38 in favour of Bengal, Rakesh Gowda of Telugu Titans was able to get only Baldev Singh out in the final raid, which saw Bengal hold on for a one-point victory. With these five points, Bengal Warriors climbed to the summit of the PKL season 7 points table.

Assistant coach of the Telugu Titans Jagdish Kumble described the match as “an excellent game of kabaddi,” in the post-match press conference. 

“One or two points in our favour could have yielded a different result. All we can do now is focus on the upcoming matches and hope that results elsewhere go our way,” Kumble told reporters.

Kumble believes it was their opposition skipper Maninder who turned the game around with his three-point self raid. A tied game turning into a six-point lead for Bengal ended up being the fatal blow for the Telugu Titans. However, Jagdish was impressed with Siddharth Desai’s raids and realised him being sent back to the bench was a major setback.

“Later in the game, Siddharth was raiding extremely well but Maninder's pursuit that sent him to the bench was a real setback at a crucial time in the game.”

Telugu Titans coach Gholamreza Mazandarani pointed out that the team has been built from scratch and consists of a lot of young players who possess inexperience and need time to develop.

“It’s a completely revamped roster. With the exception of maybe three players, it’s a roster that has been built from scratch with a lot of young players. While youth gives you exuberance, it also brings inexperience and that has been our big downfall this season. But these players are growing and learning with every passing game,” Coach Mazandarani concluded.

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