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The Sportsweek that was - IPL's glitz and Saina's semi-final exit

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The Sportsweek that was - IPL's glitz and Saina's semi-final exit

After arguably the best World Cup finals in the history of cricket, the week also saw the game of musical chairs continue in the Pakistan Cricket team. Saina Nehwal put in yet another consistent display but faltered at the semi-final stage of a tournament. International football got to hearsome inspirational words from Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri and not-so-inspirational actions from Barcelona’s Luis Suarez.

IPL Moment of the Week –

The IPL extravaganza kicked off its ninth edition with the most boring and dullest of opening ceremonies one could possibly imagine. It was as if the BCCI took upon itself the challenge that they will outdo the last year debacle. Well, going by the overall reaction to the event, they succeeded in doing so. You know things are going horribly wrong when even DJ Bravo's “Champions” dance and Major Lazer cannot light up a party.

Disappointing moment of the week –

It has started to become a trend now that Saina Nehwal will reach the semi-final of most events she participates in. But unfortunately, she has also gotten into a habit of losing in the semi-final. Her loss at the Malaysian Open this week was her third consecutive semi-final exit. We hope she overcomes this semi-final jinx the next time around.

Controversial Moment of the week –

“They protect Barça. There is a worry that they’re going to get knocked out. I don’t know what a Barcelona player has to do to get sent off.” - Atletico Madrid left-back Filipe Luís.

“I can’t say what I want … I need to think about what I’m saying so I don’t say anything I shouldn’t.” - Atletico coach Diego Simeone.

Those who watched the Barcelona versus Atletico Madrid match and the two incidents involving Luis Suarez would know how justified the above two reactions are from the Atletico camp. Suarez’s kick, followed by the shove could very well have resulted in two yellows, if not a red card. Plus, the fact that Atletico’s Fernando Torres got sent off in the same match, adds more weight to the question as to why Luis Suarez was not served the same punishment as Torres.

Surprising (NOT) Moment of the week –

“Pakistan change their captain and their coach resigns.” When did you last hear this line you wonder? Well, it has almost become a norm in Pakistan cricket that the captain and the coach become the sacrificial lamb after a disappointing ICC tournament. This time it was Shahid Afridi stepping down as captain and Waqar Younis resigning as the coach.

Although, each time it seems justified, eventually it is the team that has collectively failed, but it is only the captain and the coach who take the fall for the catastrophe.

International Moment of the week –

A fairytale. A miracle. A dream. Term it what you may but Leicester City are on their verge of creating history, and the entire footballing world is excited about it. But how is the manager of the team coping with all the hype? Well, Claudio Ranieri wrote an article himself trying to describe his emotions and narrating how the team has progressed from the start of the season to the present position. Here is the full article!

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