VIDEO | Roger Federer almost breaks Kevin Anderson’s ankles with perfect passing winner

VIDEO | Roger Federer almost breaks Kevin Anderson’s ankles with perfect passing winner

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Roger Federer mightn’t be a big title contender anymore with Novak Djokovic reaching his 'second prime', but the Swiss ace still remains the best showman the world has ever seen. His win over Kevin Anderson in the ATP Finals proved it as he outwitted his opponent with a brilliant passing shot.

Despite being 37-years-old, Federer and his relentless will to still play on the game is more than most of the current tennis players which still proves to be enough to get past most of the field. Federer knows he wouldn’t be able to cope with them physically when it comes to long rallies and powerful serves, hence, his invaluable experience more than compensates for it almost all the time.

After beating 28-year-old Key Nishikori and 25-year-old Dominic Thiem in his previous two matches, Federer had a tricky clash against the towering Kevin Anderson on Friday. Known for his long serves and powerful shots, he was a heavy machinery to handle and Federer did that in the most magnificent of ways.

After winning the first set 6-4, it was Anderson who was serving. Leading 30-0, the South African was sure of taking a 3-2 lead when the incident happened. After his serve was straight down the T that Federer returned comfortably, he put in another one straight at Federer’s body that the Swiss sliced with his forehand drawing Anderson forward. 

An onrushing Anderson played a cross court whip, which had little power, in return hoping that Federer would go for the down the line winner that was left empty by Anderson. However, his attempt to recover that space saw Federer play a passing a shot to his right with soft hands. Anderson was left stranded as he tried to change his body shape but get couldn’t get time to react as the ball just went past him in the subtlest of fashion. 

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