WATCH | Vinesh Phogat, Bajrang Punia and other wrestlers sleep outside Jantar Mantar in protest

WATCH | Vinesh Phogat, Bajrang Punia and other wrestlers sleep outside Jantar Mantar in protest

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On Sunday, top Indian wrestlers like Vinesh Phogat, Bajrang Punia, and Sakshi Malik, went on a protest again at Jantar Mantar, demanding the removal of Brij Bhushan Singh as WFI president, after the latter was allegedly accused of sexual harassment by female wrestlers in the country.

The major controversy first erupted at the start of the year when the same set of players demanded the same. Back then, the Sports Ministry had created an Oversight Committee, which was supposed to give out findings on the entire issue. But after almost three months of wait, no action has been taken, which has left the aggrieved party, red-faced. 

During a press conference on Sunday, the wrestlers revealed that a formal complaint against Singh was lodged, but no official FIR has been filed. The wrestlers also alleged that the police is refusing to lodge the FIR.

“Two days ago we gave a complaint at CP Police Station but FIR hasn’t been registered yet. Seven women including one minor (And the case is under POSCO) gave a complaint against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for sexual assault. We were told to talk on Monday but it’s already two days," Sakshi Malik said during a press conference on Sunday.

“We have been waiting for more than two and a half months. We had a belief that the government will support us. But we didn’t get any update regarding the report and whether it has been submitted or not. People have started thinking that we lied before and our complaint was false, we can’t take it as we live our lives with truth and we will win the battle."

The wrestlers also made it clear that they won't move from Jantar Mantar until the arrest is made in this case. That also saw the two Olympic medalist spend the night out in the open outside Jantar Mantar.

Meanwhile, Vinesh said, “We want the Police to file the FIR and action should be taken against the accused. We have been going through mental torture in the last three months. We are international-level athletes and if we are not safe then how a common girl can feel safe? We all know the accused is very strong but we want justice. We will sleep and eat here only until we get justice," Vinesh said.

“We have been trying to contact the committee and Sports Ministry for the past three months but we have not got any response from them," she added.

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