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featurecricket2 days ago

IPL 2020 | SRH vs KKR: Today I Learnt - Pat Cummins’ role and SRH management’s incognizance

After an SRH batting performance, ‘powered’ by Saha, which made Murali Vijay’s knock on Friday look like a Dre-Russ cameo, KKR dusted off a target of 143 with relative ease and disdain. But there were a lot of learnings from the game, not least the ideal role for Pat Cummins in the KKR side.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket3 days ago

Jumping to conclusions | Observations from the first week of IPL 2020

What’s the point of being a sports fan if you’re not going to jump to conclusions? IPL 2020 might have overseen just six matches, but given all teams have played at least once, we, here at SportsCafe, look at the rights and wrongs of all eight franchises and list out potential areas of improvements.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket5 days ago

How long can we keep defending Dhoni?

Perhaps, over the course of the last 12 months, we’ve made way too much of Martin Guptill’s run out of Dhoni. Perhaps the run-out, in itself, was an inconsequential event in the game. Perhaps New Zealand would have won either way, and fate just wanted to be kind to its favorite child, MS Dhoni.
Anirudh Suresh
featuresports5 days ago

What if Wednesday | What if Rohit Sharma did not take over Mumbai Indians captaincy

On April 24, 2013, Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians for the first time, after incumbent Ricky Ponting stepped aside due to not being able to contribute with the bat. The move to hand over the captaincy to Rohit tilted the landscape of IPL, but what if Mumbai Indians had chosen a different candidate?
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket7 days ago

IPL 2020 | RCB vs SRH - Today I Learnt: Moeen Ali’s value and SRH’s thin pace battery

More often than not, particularly of late, RCB-SRH contests have ended in tears for fans of the former but on Monday, the trend finally broke in Dubai. SRH imploded in RCB-esque manner but there were a lot of learnings from the game, including the Reds being incomplete without a certain Moeen.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket7 days ago

Mid-carders to Heavyweights: The colossal rise of SRH ft. Simon Helmot

In April 2013, Simon Helmot embarked on a six-year journey with Sunrisers Hyderabad as the franchise’s assistant coach, an adventure that saw him, along with his good friend Tom Moody, transform the club into a formidable force. In essence, he played a hand in altering the landscape of the IPL.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket8 days ago

IPL 2020 | Royal Challengers Bangalore - Preview, Power Rankings and Predictions

How can a team which is one the most valuable brands in the entire IPL also concurrently be the biggest laughing stock of the competition? Only Virat Kolhi knows the answer to that.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket9 days ago

IPL 2020 | Mumbai vs Chennai - What clicked and what didn’t

The first IPL game in the post-apocalyptic world felt like a television pilot: it wasn’t perfect, there were a lot of experiments, there was good stuff, there was bad stuff but it just had enough to keep the viewer captivated. Thus from a fan’s perspective, we look at what clicked and what didn’t.
Anirudh Suresh
featuresports9 days ago

Satire Saturday | SACA write to ICC to ban South Africa for ‘government interference’

Members of the South African Cricketers Association (SACA), in the wake of the SASCOC instructing Cricket South Africa (CSA) to step aside, have written to the ICC to ban South Africa for alleged government interference. The ICC has, however, in response, quashed the association’s request.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket10 days ago

SRH’s team composition prevented KL Rahul from shining at the franchise, feels Simon Helmot

SRH’s former assistant coach Simon Helmot, in an exclusive chat with SportsCafe, opined that the loaded batting line-up of SRH prevented Rahul from being able to shine at the franchise. After two underwhelming seasons in SRH, Rahul made a career-defining switch back to RCB, where he became a star.
Anirudh Suresh