Both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are great captains, attests Corey Anderson

Both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are great captains, attests Corey Anderson

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New Zealand cricketer Corey Anderson has revealed that having played under both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, he knows that they are both great captains. The all-rounder has also stated that the Mumbai Indians are the closest to his heart as he spent a majority of time at their camp.

According to New Zealand international Corey Anderson, his journey in the IPL was special because he got to play with the best in the business.  During his time in the high-profile league, he played alongside Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli for Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, respectively. Anderson, in fact, had faced Kohli in the 2008 U-19 World Cup and played under him during his time with the RCB and has rated this experience as ‘surreal’. The seasoned all-rounder upheld both of the superstars’ captaincy skills but has rated his time with the Mumbai Indians as the best time. 

“In IPL, you are playing with Indian and international players who are rockstars. It's different environment, players and coaches every time. Mumbai probably has a bigger place in my heart as I have spent most of my time there. Even Delhi and RCB were fantastic,” Anderson told Sportstar in an Instagram Live session on Wednesday.

“To play against someone like Kohli from the U19 World Cup [in 2008] to all of a sudden taking the field with him for RCB [in 2018] is quite a surreal feeling. If you had asked me when I was 18 or 19 of what he was supposed to become (laughs)… it is such a cool thing to be part of — witness his growth in real-time.”

Meanwhile, Anderson has rated both Sharma and Kohli as great captains. According to him, Team India’s limited-overs vice-captain, who has won four IPL titles for the Mumbai Indians, is the more laidback leader. The all-rounder attested that both captains are natural-born leaders. He also credited the two for having instilled a winning culture in the Indian team 

“Both are very good captains. Sharma is probably a bit laid-back in that role. He is passionate, wants to win, but keeps it under wraps a little bit more. Kohli wears his heart on his sleeve and shows a lot of emotion. But they both take charge of the team. They are natural born leaders. They are also the best batters. Sharma is one of my favourite players to watch when he is in full flow. He makes cricket look like the easiest game in the world. The top guys in the world do that," he added. 

“They are good tacticians, they understand the game and know how to win. That’s why India has been so successful. They have numerous players who have captained IPL teams. You know that if someone drops out — be it injury or anything — they have replacements.”

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