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Twitter reacts to Manish Pandey inventing new shot by unleashing front-kick uppercut

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Manish Pandey invents new shot


Twitter reacts to Manish Pandey inventing new shot by unleashing front-kick uppercut

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Sachin Tendulkar is renowned for playing the uppercut with grace, but can he do what Manish Pandey did tonight? We think not. Young Kartik Tyagi breathed fire, but Pandey put it out by inventing a shot of his own. That’s right, Pandey unleashed a front-kick uppercut today versus the Royals.

What would you do if you are chasing 221 and you’ve faced four consecutive dots in the first four balls of the chase? If you’re sane you would be unperturbed and look for a single. If you’re crazy you would look to swing to the heavens and if you’re KL Rahul you would probably play another dot. But Manish Pandey being Manish Pandey . He belongs to a category of his own, and so this is what he decided to do today - invent a new shot of his own. That’s right.

With SRH still 0/0 after 0.4 fours, young Kartik Tyagi bowled a bumper on the fifth ball. Pandey was not really expecting it and his feet were all over the place, and so he got cramped. But while other batsmen would have settled for a dot, or maybe have played a botched uppercut, Pandey endured an epiphany. Yes, he invented a new shot.

With both his feet planted, Pandey ‘pretended’ to sway away from the ball, but then subtly opened the face of the bat at the very last moment to guide it over the head of the keeper. But this was not the highlight. In the process of lobbing the ball over the keeper’s head, Pandey, remarkably, also simultaneously unleashed a front-kick. He gave a good swing with his leg as the ball passed the keeper’s head and the combination of the two ended up earning the Sunrisers four runs. 

We don’t know what to call it, but for now, let’s describe it as the “Pandey uppercut”.


Name this shot______

Unique shot from Manish!

Had no idea what he was about to do!



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