PAK vs ENG | Twitter questions Ramiz Raja for unavailability of DRS and Speed Gun as Pakistan’s historic Test turns into embarrassment

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Whenever it comes to rare historic occasions, fans expect better arrangements from the host countries. However, during England’s first Test in Pakistan in 17 years, modern-day cricket’s important essence such as DRS and Speed Gun were temporarily unavailable, leading PCB to receive heavy criticism.

Despite England players being affected by illness a day before their first of the three-match Test series against Pakistan, the visitors decided to play the match as originally scheduled, on Thursday. Notably, it was England’s first Test match in Pakistan after 17 years, which led to attracting cricket fans even more.

However, things did not get off in the way the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and its President Ramiz Raja would have hoped for. Due to a glitch, there was no DRS available in the first session of Day 1, forcing Pakistan not to challenge the on-field umpires’ decisions even after strong LBW appeals. Adding to that, there was no Speed Gun available during the initial overs of play as well and coupled with England’s aggressive start on a flat Rawalpindi pitch, things went bad to worse.

Unsurprisingly after watching so many flaws in arrangements, Twitterati came up to question Ramiz about what went wrong with PCB in terms of preparing for a special occasion.

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