MS Dhoni reveals 'simple' reason behind his iconic No. 7 shirt

MS Dhoni reveals 'simple' reason behind his iconic No. 7 shirt

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MS Dhoni reveals 'simple' reason behind his iconic No. 7 shirt



MS Dhoni has been sporting the No. 7 shirt for both club and country since making his international debut, and the number of the jersey has eventually become synonymous with him. The Chennai Super Kings captain recently revealed why he chose the number while stressing that it was not superstitious.

Number 7 is synonymous with some of the biggest sporting superstars across the globe. Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has donned No. 7 and made it a brand, while the same is the case with India's two-time World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni.

Dhoni has been sporting the No. 7 shirt number right from his international debut, and it has become more iconic with time. Dhoni recently opened up about the reason behind him choosing the jersey number, ruling out any superstitious angle to it.

During a virtual interaction held by India Cements, Dhoni shared the "simple" reason behind selecting the number, saying his date of birth is emblematic of the digit.

“A lot of people initially thought that 7 is a lucky number for me and all of that. But I chose the number for a very simple reason. I was born on the 7th of July. So it's the 7th day of the 7th month, that was the reason," Dhoni told the fans.

There were calls to retire the No. 7 jersey digits as a mark of respect to Dhoni's contribution to Indian cricket. Dhoni further went on explaining the jersey number.

"Rather than getting to all the different things as to what a number is a good number and all, I thought I will use my date of birth as the number. Then whenever people kept asking me, I kept adding to the answer. 81 was the year, 8-1 is again 7, 7 is a very neutral number. People actually kept telling me, I started absorbing it and I started telling it to others in the same way.

"A lot of people said 7 is a neutral number and even if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't really go against you. That also I added to my answer. I am not very superstitious about it, but it's one number that is close to my heart and I have kept it over the years with me," he signed off.

Dhoni was a part of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) pre-training camp in Surat where players honed their skills for the upcoming IPL 2022 at the Lalabhai Contractor Stadium. The four-time champions will begin their title defence against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in a repeat of last year's final in the opening fixture of the impending season at the Wankhede Stadium on March 26.

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