‌ZIM vs IND | Twitter reacts as non-striker channels inner Usain Bolt to save wicket in horrible mix-up

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With the Paris Olympics knocking at the door, the cricket field witnessed an epic sprint of survival on Saturday. Dion Myers of Zimbabwe hurried to save his wicket amidst a horrible mixup as Zimbabwe squared off against India in the first T20I at the Harare Sports Club, Harare. 

Winning the toss and electing to field first paid dividends for the Indian camp as Mukesh Kumar drew the first blood followed by the spinners making further inroads. Zimbabwe’s resistance with the bat did not last long after the 12th over with one of the dismissals witnessing a horrible runout where the non-striker raced against the striker to save his wicket. 

The last ball of the twelfth over saw Avesh Khan bowl a length delivery outside the stumps that Jonathan Campbell pushed towards square of the wicket on the off side. The non-striker wanted a single and Campbell acknowledged initially before realizing the ball in the fielder’s radar. The striker looked to return home but Myer scampered to beat the striker in the sprint to save his wicket. Eventually, the TV umpire reviewed the decision and it was evident that Campbell was short of reaching the crease this time. The Twitterverse witnessed this incident closely and buzzed around.

LOL! This is hilarious!

Real Runmachine!

Good captaincy!

Great spell!

Brilliant witht the ball!

Absolute brilliance!


Good one!

Great spell today!

he's the man to watch out!

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