Plunket Shield Predictions and Tips 2023

Plunket Shield is New Zealand's premier national cricket championship and one of the sport's oldest competitions. It has been running since 1906. At cricket prediction site SportsCafe you'll find plenty of tips for successful betting, ready-made predictions, detailed event schedules and more. All predictions on our platform are free.

Today`s Cricket Betting Predictions

Find current prematch and live predictions for matches scheduled for today. Below you will see a detailed schedule of upcoming events and be able to choose any of them for betting.

Upcoming Cricket Betting Predictions

Later matches that start in the future can be found here. These events are scheduled for future days, weeks and months. We update the list of matches regularly and keep it up to date.

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Tue, Mar. 21 Canterbury vs Wellington 10:30 AM Mainpower Oval
Tue, Mar. 21 Central Districts vs Otago 03:00 AM -
Tue, Mar. 21 Auckland vs Northern Knights 10:30 AM Eden Park Outer Oval

Schedule of Matches for Plunket Shield Championship

In addition to Plunket Shield prediction experts prepared for you and a detailed schedule of matches. There are a total of 6 teams in the tournament, which play each other in a round robin system. You can find a list of all the events, dates and locations, as well as a lot of other useful information in the table below.

Date Match Time (ET) Stadium
Sun, Mar. 5 Northern Knights vs Central Districts 10:30 AM Bay Oval
Sun, Mar. 5 Otago vs Canterbury 10:30 AM Captain Roop Singh Stadium
Sun, Mar. 5 Auckland vs Wellington 10:30 AM Colin Maiden Park
Mon. Mar. 13 Northern Knights vs Wellington 10:30 AM Seddon Park
Mon. Mar. 13 Canterbury vs Central Districts 10:30 AM Mainpower Oval
Mon. Mar. 13 Otago vs Auckland 10:30 AM Molyneux Park
Tue, Mar. 21 Canterbury vs Wellington 10:30 AM Mainpower Oval
Tue, Mar. 21 Central Districts vs Otago 03:00 AM -
Tue, Mar. 21 Auckland vs Northern Knights 10:30 AM Eden Park Outer Oval

Free Tips and Predictions for Plunket Shield Matches

The most reliable predictions bets are possible only with a competent approach to planning and analysis. Below we will give you some useful tips to make your bets more successful. All these tips are free, as well as ready-made predictions on events.

Statistics and Data of Previous Matches and Team Meetings

For more than 120 years, many teams and players have played dozens of matches against each other. During this time, a lot of history has accumulated, which can be used for betting on future events. Pay attention to statistics - it will help you understand how teams usually play.

Analysis of Weather Conditions and the Playing Field

Pay attention to every little detail, even such as the weather forecast for the day of the match and the condition of the playing field. If the weather is bad or the field is not in the best condition, it can create difficulties for the team that is considered the favorite.

Using Mathematical and Statistical Analysis

Ideally, any bet should be justified mathematically. Using maths and statistic analysis, you can roughly calculate the probability and percentage of this or that outcome. That way you will have more confidence in your decisions.

Using the Data of Prediction Odds

Learn how to predict cricket matches using odds to estimate the probability of the outcome of the match you are interested in. Check out a few bookmakers' websites and look at the cricket betting odds. This information will help you understand which team the bookies think is the favorite, and which outcomes will win with a higher probability.

Using Software for Prediction

Download and install one of the proven prediction apps so you have an additional source of information. Such apps can't predict the correct score all the time, but they can determine the approximate probabilities of more common outcomes. Such software uses statistics, team match history, and other data in its work.

Using Machine Learning

Machine learning programs can help you make better predictions than if you were relying only on your own strength. The algorithms of this software allow you to make changes in the principles of its operation in order to take into account errors already made in the future.

Use Variable Bets

We always recommend making online predictions using bets on different outcomes. Don't limit yourself to picking a winner. Make other types of bets as well:

  • The Plunket Shield Match Winner;
  • The LIST Winner;
  • Runs In Innings;
  • The Highest Opening Partnership;
  • Top Batsman;
  • Best Bowler or Top Wicket Taker;
  • The Individual and Team Player Formation.

This will allow you to achieve a more favorable ratio of risks and potential prizes.

Other Championships for Which Predicates Can Be Used and That May Interest You

At the site SportsCafe you will find free predictions on matches not only Plunket Shield, but also dozens of other competitions:

Don't miss any major tournaments and don't miss an opportunity to make a profitable bet.


Still have questions? Ask them to our support service or try to find the information you are interested in on your own. We've answered the most common questions below.

Is It Possible to Predict the Winner of a Plunket Shield?

Yes, it is possible. But in order to regularly make successful predictions, you must take each one of them seriously.

Who Will Win the Plunket Shield 2023?

You can try to predict the champion yourself. To do so, follow the recommendations we have given you on this page.

How to Determine the Winner of the Plunket Shield Using a Prediction?

To make a successful prediction on the winner of the tournament, it is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis of the entire competition, played and future matches.

Who Is Predicted to Win the 2023 Plunket Shield?

At this stage it is difficult to predict the winner with a high degree of accuracy. But many experts believe that Auckland will be able to repeat last year's success.

Who Is Considered the Favorite to Win the 2023 Plunket Shield?

Bookmakers consider last year's champion Auckland, as well as the Canterbury team, to be the main favorites this season.

Who Won the 2022 Plunket Shield?

In 2022, the Auckland team won the tournament. This title is the 24th in the history of the competition for this team.