Plunkett Shield Predictions and Tips 2024

The 95th season of New Zealand's domestic first-class cricket competition, the Plunket Shield, will take place in 2023–2024. The competition began on October 20, 2023, and matches for the championship round will take place on March 24, 2024. The reigning champions, Central Districts, took home their 12th championship the year before. SportsCafe has the complete timetable of upcoming Plunkett Shield games, along with expert forecasts and crucial guidance for each. These suggestions, chosen by renowned authorities in the field, are supposed to assist you in placing sensible bets and boosting your profits throughout the race.

Today`s Plunkett Shield Predictions

We have created a table with free expert predictions for the Plunkett Shield games that are now available for wagering. This table is updated with fresh matches every day, so you can be sure you always have the most up-to-date information on the day's activities.

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Schedule of Upcoming Matches for Plunkett Shield

The Plunkett Shield season is full of fascinating tournaments that promise lots of thrilling betting options. All of the upcoming games' schedules are displayed here. This is a list of all the events that are available for betting that have been publicized. Take a look at the schedule given below and get ready to play.

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Teams List and Captains

In New Zealand, the top 6 teams will compete for the championship title in the Plunkett Shield tournament. Here's a detailed rundown of every team, including important information regarding their starting lineup and captains. You may use this information to become acquainted with the existing rosters and choose your favorite candidate.

Northern Districts

  • Captain Tim Southee;
  • Key Acquisition: Kane Williamson, who scored a double century (200 runs) in a crucial match, playing as an opening batsman;
  • Key Players: Kane Williamson, Trent Boult, Tim Seifert;
  • Experienced experts predict the team will finish first in the championship in 2024.


  • Captain Tom Blundell;
  • Key Acquisition: Devon Conway, who notched up three centuries in a row, scoring a total of 350 runs, playing as a top-order batsman;
  • Key Players: Devon Conway, Rachin Ravindra, Hamish Bennett;
  • Experienced experts predict the team will finish first in the championship in 2024.

Central Districts

  • Captain Tom Bruce;
  • Key Acquisition: Doug Bracewell, who played a match-winning innings, scoring a quickfire 80 runs from 40 balls, playing as a lower middle-order batsman and a seam bowler;
  • Key Players: Doug Bracewell, Will Young, Ajaz Patel;
  • Experienced experts predict the team will finish third in the championship in 2024.


  • Captain Cole McConchie;
  • Key Acquisition: Daryl Mitchell, who took a 5-wicket haul (5/30) in a match, playing as an all-rounder;
  • Key Players: Daryl Mitchell, Henry Nicholls, Matt Henry;
  • Experienced experts predict the team will finish fourth in the championship in 2024.


  • Captain Jacob Duffy;
  • Key Acquisition: Neil Wagner, who brought about a collapse with a 7-wicket haul (7/45) in a crucial match, playing as a fast bowler;
  • Key Players: Neil Wagner, Hamish Rutherford, Nick Kelly;
  • Experienced experts predict the team will finish fifth in the championship in 2024.


  • Captain Martin Guptill;
  • Key Acquisition: Glenn Phillips with his fastest century (100 runs off 50 balls) in a key encounter, playing as a middle-order batsman;
  • Key Players: Glenn Phillips, Kyle Jamieson, Mark Chapman;
  • Experienced experts predict the team will finish fifth in the championship in 2024.

Plunkett Shield Brief 2024

Top domestic teams compete in a round-robin style in the highest first-class cricket competition in New Zealand, known as the Plunket Shield. This esteemed competition regularly features well-known team names like Canterbury Kings, Wellington Firebirds, and Auckland Aces. The following is the primary information regarding this league:

Full Name of Championship

Plunkett Shield

Host Country

New Zealand


New Zealand Cricket

Plunkett Shield Schedule 2024

20 October 2023 – 24 March 2024

Plunkett Shield 2024 Start Date

20 October 2023

Format of the matches



Northern Districts, Wellington, Central Districts, Canterbury, Otago, Auckland



Last Champion

Central Districts

Plunkett Shield 2024 Match Venues

Eden Park Outer Oval, Auckland, Hagley Oval, Christchurch, McLean Park, Napier, Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui, Seddon Park, Hamilton, University Oval, Dunedin

Free Tips and Predictions for Plunkett Shield Matches

Our professional advice and Plunkett Shield cricket predictions will make betting easier for you. Get these insightful forecasts for free on our website to increase your winnings while placing bets on Plunkett Shield games. Make the most of the pre-made suggestions provided here to enhance your betting tactics and make wise choices for a profitable Plunkett Shield betting season.

Analysis of the Input Data for the Present Season

Get vital information about the ongoing Plunkett Shield season by reading our well-written report and making predictions for the games that are coming ahead. Our team of expert professionals has put up a thorough analysis that includes all the pertinent information you need to make well-informed betting selections, including dates, participating teams, player biographies, and other crucial event data. With our comprehensive study, you'll be able to stay ahead of the game and have the resources you need to improve your betting strategy and increase your chances of winning.

Data and Statistics from Previous Games and Meetings with the Team

Thorough examination of both team and individual data is required to determine the likelihood of particular occurrences. The likelihood of winning bets can be considerably increased by making effective use of the readily available data. Even though it's not always essential to go into the full history of a rivalry between teams, the outcomes of previous games offer helpful insight into possible favorites. It's crucial to take into account not just the outcome but also other elements like score disparities and players' performances versus particular opponents.

Utilizing the Prediction Odds Data

Understanding how to assess and use cricket betting odds is crucial if you want to increase your chances of placing a winning stake. To make wise betting choices, it's critical to understand the odds that bookmakers offer depending on a variety of criteria. Larger differences in the odds suggest more doubt about the result of a game, whereas smaller differences suggest more agreement between bookmakers. Having a solid understanding of the odds enables bettors to make better decisions when making wagers.

Examination of the Playing Field and the Weather

Even experienced gamblers can overlook crucial factors such as the weather conditions on the day of the game. Given that many matches take place in outdoor stadiums, it is essential to factor in elements like weather and the condition of the playing surface. Weather elements like heat, rain, or strong winds can have a substantial impact on the outcome of the game. When considering betting on a favorite, it is imperative to assess the weather forecast for the day and time of the match to make a well-informed decision.

Using Mathematical and Statistical Analysis

It is possible to estimate the probability of winning a wager using quantitative and statistical analysis. These strategies are based on the analysis of many data sets, including rankings, individual or team performance history, current projections, and more data. If you monitor these and other variables, you may be able to identify trends and feel more confident in your prediction of the Plunkett Shield's outcomes.

Using Machine Learning

Machine learning is a further helpful approach for Plunkett Shield betting. This kind of software analyzes its own failures and learns from them in order to provide accurate predictions through the use of examples, analytical data, and experience. Even if machine learning isn't used much right now, it should improve with time and generate more accurate projections. As technology advances, it may alter how future betting predictions are generated.

Utilizing Prediction Apps

There are numerous apps and programs tailored for betting enthusiasts that offer comprehensive statistical analyses and predictions based on various statistical and mathematical methodologies. These tools serve as valuable additional information sources for both novice and seasoned gamblers, aiding in the prediction of optimal outcomes through a range of data-driven approaches.

Utilize Data Comparison from Various Expert Sources

For those looking to elevate their chances of success when betting on the Plunkett Shield, it's beneficial not to limit yourself to solely one reputable source. We recommend that bettors explore multiple specialized websites for diverse insights on match predictions. Platforms like Sportscafe provide users with the opportunity to seek advice and recommendations from esteemed experts, contributing to a well-rounded and informed betting strategy. By engaging with various resources, you can approach cricket betting with a comprehensive strategy that enhances your prospects of achieving favorable outcomes.

Using Variable Bets

To get the most out of your Plunkett Shield bets, it is best to use many outcomes simultaneously. Each game in this tournament will provide a selection of changeable bets for players to choose from. By doing this, the final odds and potential payment will increase while maintaining a high winning likelihood. Apart from guessing on the outcome, you might:

  • The Highest Opening Partnership;
  • Runs In Innings;
  • Best Bowler or Top Wicket Taker;
  • The Plunkett Shield Winner;
  • Top Batsman;
  • Total Runs, etc.

There are situations when it makes more sense to place a single bet on a variety of outcomes, and there are other occasions when placing many bets can boost your chances of taking home a sizable payout.

Other Championships for Which Predicates Can Be Used and That May Interest You

While the Plunkett Shield garners significant anticipation from cricket enthusiasts, there are numerous other matches across various levels of cricket that hold equal importance and are worthy of your consideration. On our Sportscafe website, you can access pre-match and live predictions for a wide range of popular competitions, allowing you to stay informed and engaged with the diverse landscape of cricket matches beyond the Plunkett Shield:

  • IPL;
  • BBL;
  • T20;
  • International;
  • Vijay Hazare Trophy;
  • Ranji Trophy;
  • LPL;
  • Bangladesh Premier League;
  • T10;
  • ODI;
  • TEST;
  • WTC;
  • SA20;
  • Super Smash;
  • County Championship;
  • Sheffield Shield;
  • CSA;
  • League Two;
  • LIST A;
  • India Tour of Bangladesh;
  • Sri Lanka Tour of India;
  • New Zealand Tour of India;
  • Australia Tour of India;
  • India Tour of South Africa;
  • India Tour of England;
  • Asia Cup;
  • West Indies Tour of India.

Select your favorite competition, get a solid forecast from our finest analysts, and make a profitable wager! With Sportscafe, you may affect your winnings!


Our Sportscafe staff has carefully put together a collection of commonly asked questions (FAQs) to help you better understand the Plunkett Shield 2024 season. These thorough responses seek to address frequently asked questions and offer useful information about the competition. These might give you important details like player stats, starting lineups, timetables, and odds for betting.

Is It Possible to Predict the Winner of a Plunkett Shield ?

Predicting the Plunkett Shield 2024 match results with 100% accuracy is not impossible, despite the fact that it can be difficult. You may do a comprehensive study of the forthcoming league games with the help of our insightful analysis and precise forecasts, which are provided on this page. With this knowledge at your disposal, you'll be in a better position to decide whether to place a bet or just take in the spectacle of the competition.

Who Will Win the Plunkett Shield 2024?

You can try to predict the Plunkett Shield winner on your own. For an exact approximation, use the genuine estimates and recommendations included in the guidance portion of this page. Making profitable wagers can be facilitated by employing a range of analytical methods.

How to Determine the Winner of the Plunkett Shield Using a Prediction?

To accurately determine the probable winner, one must take into account numerous variables such as the teams' recent form, weather conditions, and historical match data from previous tournaments. By leveraging these factors, you can better assess the likelihood of success. Additionally, our website offers the opportunity to make complimentary predictions, further aiding in your decision-making process.

Who Is Predicted to Win the 2024 Plunkett Shield ?

Experts predict that the Northern Districts cricket club will be a serious contender for the Plunkett Shield title in the next season. This team is thought to be a highly strong opponent based on their past performance.

Who Is Considered the Favorite to Win the 2024 Plunkett Shield ?

The Central Districts were overwhelmingly favored by cricket fans after their victory in 2023, and this helped to guarantee that they would always be one of the league's top teams.

Who Won the 2023 Plunkett Shield ?

In an exhilarating final game of the Plunkett Shield 2023 season, the Central Districts took the lead and won their 12th title. This momentous win marked a significant turning point in the team's history and solidified their place as formidable rivals in the professional cricket league.