There was no discussion as I was putting things in perspective for players, reveals Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that there was an inquest following their defeat to Manchester United but revealed that it was a one-way talk with him putting things in perspective. The German also added that the club are looking to bring in a midfielder before the window closes.

Despite Liverpool starting the season with back-to-back draws against Fulham and Crystal Palace, many expected the Reds to react and kickstart their season against Manchester United. Instead, it was the Red Devils who walked away with a win as they scored twice to beat Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford. It has many wondering if the title race is already over for the Anfield side despite the fact that the season is only three games old.


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But in light of the loss, reports indicated that Jurgen Klopp and his team had a lengthy meeting following the defeat and that has now been confirmed by the German. Klopp revealed that there was indeed a meeting but that “there was no discussion” as he “was getting things off” his chest. The Liverpool boss also added that he put things “in perspective” for the team and believes that they “have to improve” by putting in the effort.

“There was no discussion. I was getting things off my chest. The good thing about this meeting is I feel much better after it. It is not that I shout at the players, not at all, it is about putting things in perspective – what we did well and didn’t do well. We live in a world where always everything is judged but in the end, only one thing is important and that is what we think ourselves about it,” Klopp said, reported the Guardian.

“For us and for me it is clear what we have to do. I cannot go into detail but of course, we talk about pretty much everything, especially the important things for us, and try to exclude the not-so-important stuff. I got washed with all kinds of water in my life, highs and lows, and it is all about how you deal with it. It was a bit of a longer meeting – these kind of meetings always are – and afterwards, I felt better.”

“We have to improve and what you can improve immediately is effort. I’m not sure but let me say it was maybe 95%. In the world of football we are living in you need 100%, if not a little bit more. And passion,” he added.

Not only that Jurgen Klopp also confirmed rumours that the club are considering adding another midfielder to his squad especially in light of injuries and with his side struggling to cope, and he also admitted that he was wrong to say that they didn’t need any more additions. He further revealed that while Liverpool are looking at players, they will only sign “the right player” because “if it's not the right player we don’t need him”.

“We have had this discussion since it all started and I am the one who said: ‘We don’t need a midfielder,’ and you were all right and I was wrong. But the specific point doesn’t change – we will do something but it has to be the right one. Curtis comes back, Thiago [Alcântara] not too far off, Diogo not too far off, Joël comes back and that all eases the situation slightly.

"It would be great if no one gets on the list on the other side with a really intense time coming up. We are looking for it and if it is the right player we need him and if it is not the right player we don’t need him,” he further said.

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