Think Mauricio Pochettino leaving will help Lionel Messi be much better, claims Angel Di Maria

Think Mauricio Pochettino leaving will help Lionel Messi be much better, claims Angel Di Maria

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Argentine star Angel Di Maria believes that with PSG set to part ways with Mauricio Pochettino, it could help Lionel Messi perform better next season even if it’s a big change. The superstar signed for PSG last summer but endured a tough debut season in France, contributing to just 26 goals.

When Lionel Messi signed for Paris Saint-Germain last summer, the Argentine arrived with a lot of hype and celebration as many believed that the Parisians were now favourites to win the Champions League. However, injuries and various other issues saw Messi struggle in his debut season and PSG replicated as they were knocked out in the Round of 16 in the Champions League. But while they did win the Ligue 1, more than a few fans booed Messi and Neymar in the final few league games.

But with Kylian Mbappe signing an extension alongside rumours that Mauricio Pochettino could be sacked and replaced, it has many fans hoping that Messi will find a new gear next term. Amongst the man is Angel Di Maria as the Argentine believes that while Pochettino leaving will be a “big change”, it’s one that could “help him (Messi) be much better next season”. Not only that, Di Maria added that the Argentine finished the 2021/22 season well and could carry that on. 

"It seems like they also want to leave. There will be a very big change, but I think Messi can handle it. It will help him to be much better next season. I think he will start very well because he ended up contributing goals, giving assists, feeling very comfortable and adapting more and more [late this past season],” Di Maria said, reported Goal.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United star is leaving PSG at the end of June, once his contract with the club expires and admitted that it’s a tough one to swallow. Di Maria also added that he was overwhelmed by the love and support the PSG fans gave him, and couldn’t believe the farewell he had in his last game.

"There are other players who will surely leave. Mine was the easiest because they didn't have to renew me. On the one hand, it hurt and on the other, it didn't. I left in a very special way. It was an unforgettable night, that an Argentine in another country has a farewell like mine, not everyone does it. 

“The affection of the PSG fan, the ones behind the goal, is the most difficult thing to achieve. That I go outside, that they sing for me alone and made a mural for me to sign are things that remain in the memory,” he added.

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