Always said we’ll talk to club and find best solution at end of season, claims Antonio Conte

Always said we’ll talk to club and find best solution at end of season, claims Antonio Conte

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Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has refuted claims of a long-term future at the club and instead admitted that he will talk to the club in order to find the best solution for everyone. The Italian also added that he considers the top four finish as a trophy because of how hard they had to fight.

Having sacked Nuno Espirito Santo less than four months into a two-year contract, it had many Tottenham fans wondering who the club would appoint as his replacement. But with Antonio Conte walking into the fray to replace the former Wolverhampton Wanderers boss, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the club. That was especially since Spurs were in ninth place when Conte took over in November and the Italian has since turned the tide.

So much so, that the North Londoners won ten games out of the fourteen they played under the Italian and finished fourth above rivals Arsenal. However, while it has many fans and critics alike excited for the future, there is still a concern that Conte could leave. But despite that the Italian refused to comment on his long-term future and instead admitted that he will talk to the board in order to “find the best solution for me and the club”.

"I'm under contract until next summer. I signed for one year and seven months. I enjoyed a lot my time at Tottenham because, I repeat, for me it was a big challenge. To come in during the season, for a coach like me, is not easy. It was a big challenge in a modern club with a fantastic stadium and training ground.

"For me this is a trophy and I'm very happy. Then we'll see. I always said at the end of the season we'll speak to the club and find the best solution for me and the club. In this moment it was very difficult to speak about this. I'm very tired. I was really focused to get this big achievement.

"It's very, very difficult to reach a place in Champions League. I have to consider this a really big, big achievement for me and for my players. And also for the club to consider this a big achievement... after three years Tottenham is able to play again in the Champions League,” he added.

The Italian also revealed that finishing fourth is like a trophy for him because of the time restraints and how hard Tottenham was made to work in order to finish over Arsenal. Not only that, he added that it “is a big achievement for me” and that emotions are running high for everyone.

"Despite the fact I didn't lift a trophy, for me it is a big achievement, for me in a short time and short period in a difficult situation I worked a lot with my players to bring this club to play in the Champions League.

"I want to consider this qualification like a trophy. In my mind, my heart and my head I know what we did in these seven months. Me, my staff and the players. I want to celebrate and we'll have time to speak with the club about everything.

"Now there's a lot of emotions in my mind and my heart, for me, for the club and for everybody. For this reason, it'll be very good to rest for four or five days and then have a good meeting with the club to find the best possible solution,” he further revealed.

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