FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup 2022 | India's 21-member squad names, positions, and age

FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup 2022 | India's 21-member squad names, positions, and age

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The FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup 2022 is scheduled to begin on October 11 in Bhubaneshwar, India, with a matchup between the host nation and the United States of America at 8 pm IST. Now it is only fair that these young women receive the opportunity to showcase their skills on the biggest platform.

SportsCafe takes a look at 21 players of the Indian team before they take on a much more seasoned team the USA, at the Kalinga stadium

Melody Chanu

Position: Goalkeeper, Age: 16 (DOB: 2nd March, 2006)

Anjali Munda

Position: Goalkeeper, Age: 17 (DOB: 10th June, 2005)

Moirangthem Monalisha Devi

Position: Goalkeeper, Age: 16 (DOB: 3rd July, 2006)

Shubhangi Singh

Position: Defender, Age: 16 (DOB: 11th June, 2006)


Position: Defender, Age: 17 (DOB: 12th January, 2005)


Position: Defender, Age: 16 (DOB: 22nd September, 2006)


Position: Defender, Age: 17 (DOB: 9th September, 2005)

Hemam Shilky Devi

Position: Defender, Age: 16 (DOB: 23rd November, 2005)

Purnima Kumari

Position: Defender, Age: 17 (DOB: 10th February, 2005)

Astam Oraon

Position: Defender, Age: 17 (DOB: 5th February, 2005)

Kajol D'souza

Position: Midfielder, Age: 16 (DOB: 28th April, 2006)


Position: Midfielder, Age: 17 (DOB: 29th August, 2005)

Nitu Linda

Position: Midfielder, Age: 16 (DOB: 5th April, 2006)

Lisham Babina Devi

Position: Midfielder, Age: 17 (DOB: 1st February, 2005)

Loktongbam Shelia Devi

Position: Midfielder, Age: 16 (DOB: 16th August, 2006)

Lavanya Upadhyay

Position: Forward, Age: 16 (DOB: 25th May, 2006)

Anita Kumari

Position: Forward, Age: 17 (DOB: 9th August, 2005)

Sudha Ankita Tirkey

Position: Forward, Age: 17 (DOB: 8th October, 2005)


Position: Forward, Age: 16 (DOB: 19th May, 2006)

Laishram Rejiya Devi

Position: Forward, Age: 17 (DOB: 1st February, 2005)

Serto Lynda Kom

Position: Forward, Age: 17 (DOB: 28th February, 2005)

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