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Kabaddi World Cup | Thakur and Narwal star as India win against Bangladesh

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Kabaddi World Cup | Thakur and Narwal star as India win against Bangladesh

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India won their second game in a row with a comprehensive win against Bangladesh by a score of 57-20. Ajay Thakur(11) and Pradeep Narwal (8) were the stars of the game for the Indians with the latter earning touch points in 5 consecutive raids.

India started the game with the same team that was so effective against Australia with Jasvir Singh and Mohit Chhillar unable to break back into the team after the South Korea defeat.

Arduzzaman Munshi of Bangladesh got the hosts under way with an empty raid. India got off to a bad start when Anup Kumar was tackled by Ferdous Sheikh earning the Bangladesh side the first point of the game.

However, India were put on the scoreboard by Pardeep Narwal who effected a touch-out on Zakir Hossian. The scoreboard after the initial exchanges read 2-2.

Bangladesh match India point for point

India were the next to go ahead after Anup Kumar was able to score a bonus point, and the Indian Captain wasn’t done getting Ziaur Rahman sent back after a strong ankle hold giving India a two-point lead for the first time in the match.

Bangladesh, however, were in no mood to give up as Ferdous Sheikh won them two consecutive tackle points on Deepak Hooda and Anup Kumar respectively.

Sandeep Narwal's touch on Tuhin Tarafder meant that India were back ahead and as the pressure started to build again when Manjeet Chhillar tackled Arduzzaman Munshi to the ground.

India go on a 9-0 run

With the score at 6-4, Pardeep Narwal went on a rampage getting a hat-trick of successful raids sending Ferdous Sheikh, Zakir Hossain and Sabuj Mia back to the bench in a couple of minutes. Put together with Surjeet's tackle on Al Mamun India completed the all-out and took a commanding lead of 13-4.

Bangladesh started again strongly with Arduzzaman Munshi touching Sandeep Narwal sending the latter packing and bringing an end to a 9-0 Indian run.

Pardeep Narwal started where he had left off earning a touch point on Sabuj Mia. Dharmaraj Cheralathan made his first contribution by tackling Zakir Hossain.

Ajay Thakur joins the action

Ajay Thakur, who was excellent in the game against Australia, got his first point of the game after touching Tuhin Tarafder out of the game. Bangladesh responded with a bonus point, but as Pardeep Narwal made his way into the Bangladesh area it was clear the Indian was in the zone as he returned with another touch point making it five in a row for the raider.

Sulieman Kabir's successful raid was quickly followed by Ajay Thakur returning the favour. Ajay Thakur to the game by the scruff of the neck and sent both Sabuj Mia and Zakir Hossain to the bench.

India force a third all-out

Being the last man standing, Sulieman Kabir tried to take on Manjeet Chhillar but found his opponent ready for the challenge. Even though there was an all-out, Kabir was able to earn his team a bonus point with the scoreboard reading 24-9.

Ajay Thakur, taking a page out of Narwal's book, scored another touch point before Anup was tackled out of the game. At half-time the score read 26-10.

As the second half started, the crowd were surprised to see Ajay Thakur return without a point. Arduzzaman Munshi's touch on Manjeet Chhillar meant nothing as Ajay Thakur levelled it out touching Sabuj Mia out of the match.

Ajay Thakur took the score to 29-12 after a touch on Tuhin Tarafder before Narwal joined the action earning a touch point on Zakir Hossain. Sulieman Kabir replayed a point from the first half as he was tackled by Manjeet Chhillar, but scored a bonus point for Bangladesh.

Ajay Thakur and Pradeep Narwal force another all-out

Ajay Thakur and Pardeep Narwal both scored points eliminating Sabuj Mia and Arduzzaman Munshi to bring Bangladesh closer to a third all-out, which was enforced in the next raid when Ruhul Amin was tackled by Surender Nada.

A bonus point made sure India reached 40 points for a second game in a row and Bangladesh struggling with just 14. Zakir Hossain was stopped in his tracks by Ajay Thakur, whose incredible was brought to end by Sabuj Mia.

Following Deepak Hooda's touch on Ruhul Amin and Surender Nada tackle on Jahangir Alam, India's score was just one short of 50, that they reached when Tuhin Tarafder was tackled by Ajay Thakur to inflict another all-out on the Bangladeshis.

Nitin Tomar's touch on Ruhul Amin made sure India equalled their highest score of the tournament and Surender Nada's tackle on Zakir Hossain took them a point further with the scoreboard reading 55-18.

The last two minuted of the game were played out without any real pace as the difference in class was quite evident. The final score read 57-20 as India turned their attention to the next game against Argentina on Saturday.  

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