PKL 2019 | Our strategies against Patna raiders succeeded, states Amit Hooda

PKL 2019 | Our strategies against Patna raiders succeeded, states Amit Hooda

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Jaipur Pink Panthers defender Amit Hooda has asserted that the strategies he and Sandeep Dhull planned against the Patna Pirates' raiders worked and because of this, they won the match. Deepak Niwas Hooda talked about the plans of going for safe raids during yesterday's game against Patna.

Jaipur Pink Panthers have played brilliantly till now in the season and have countered every type of situation. In last night’s game, the Panthers outplayed the Pirates in every department. In defence, both Jaipur corners Sandeep Dhull and Amit Hooda scored High Five. Sandeep Dhull scored eight points whereas Amit Hooda scored five and it was because of these two that Pardeep Narwal was quiet in the first half of the game where they took a big lead.

“I told Sandeep Dhull that now Pardeep Narwal will be watching out for me and so will their other raiders. This is the time you will have to tackle them and I will support you. That was our plan and it succeeded,” Amit said in the post-match press conference. 

In the raiding department, Jaipur’s main raider and skipper Deepak Niwas Hooda didn’t have much luck as he wasn’t able to score even a single raid point. A testament to Jaipur’s teamwork is that Deepak Narwal became their strike raider and played the main raiders role and was able to score nine raid points as well.

“I was putting in safe raids because of the situation at that time. It was necessary for me to be on the mat and control the situation. Momentum was on our side so I decided to control the team rather than raid aggressively. That is why I was sending Deepak Narwal to raid. Another thing is that the more I am on the mat the higher the team’s confidence is since I can contribute in defence as well,” Deepak Niwas signed off.     

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