PKL | Qualification scenarios for all teams explained

PKL | Qualification scenarios for all teams explained

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With the teams having played 17-18 matches now, the road to qualification for the playoffs has become a lot clearer. 10 teams are still in contention for making it to the playoffs, while Puneri Paltan has already made it to the next round, and Telugu Titans are out of the race to progress.

The top two teams advance straight to the semifinals, while the following four teams face off in an elimination round with the winners advancing to the semifinals. So, SportsCafe takes a look at the qualification scenarios for all the teams still in contention.

Current Status: 2

18 games; 63 points; 49 points differential

Four more matchups are left. Patna Pirates [December 7], U Mumba [December 10], UP Yoddhas [December 4], Jaipur Pink Panthers [November 30]

Probability: They are almost certainly eligible.

Despite playing one extra game, the Bulls lead the Jaipur Pink Panthers by four points. They will, however, also be aiming for second place in order to secure a straight entry into the semifinals. As was already indicated, the Panthers game will probably determine who places where on the table. Although the Panthers won their previous match against the Bulls in PKL 9, they are now on a strong run of form and won't be an easy opponent.

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Current Position: 3

Played: 17; Points: 59; Difference in Score: 94

Five more matchups are left. Bengaluru Bulls (November 30), Telugu Titans (November 28), Bengal Warriors (December 3), Haryana Steelers (December 5) and Gujarat Giants (December 9) are the upcoming teams.

They essentially have one foot in the playoffs.

The Bengaluru Bulls are ahead of the Panthers by four points in third place. They still have five games left, and a pair of victories should guarantee them a place in the knockout rounds. The defending champs are in strong form right now, having won four of their previous five games. Now, keeping their second place will be a priority so they can advance directly to the semifinals. On November 30, a victory against Bengaluru will significantly advance that cause.

UP Yoddhas

Present Status: 4

Played: 17; Points: 55; Difference in Score: 45

Five more matchups are left. Bengal Warriors (November 28), Puneri Paltan (December 9), U Mumba (December 2), Bengaluru Bulls (December 4), and Tamil Thalaivas (December 7)

The likelihood is very high to qualify.

UP Yoddhas are having a good season with 4 victories in 5 games. Their outcomes versus Puneri Paltan and Bengaluru Bulls would directly affect their standing. The stars are aligning for UP Yoddhas, and they must take advantage of it. Pardeep Narwal has been in excellent form, Sandeep Narwal has joined the squad, and Surender Gill is anticipated to make a comeback shortly.

Tamil Thalaivas

Current Position: 5

Played: 18 | Points: 53 | Score Difference: -15

Dabang Delhi (December 3), Telugu Titans (December 3), UP Yoddhas (December 7) and Haryana Steelers (December 10) are the four remaining matches.

Chance: Reasonable chance.

The remarkable late comeback of the Tamil Thalaivas will be capitalised on. Sagar Rathee's injury, who is filling in as skipper for the injured Pawan Sehrawat, might complicate matters for coach Ashan Kumar. With a victory over Gujarat Giants, the team has moved up to sixth, although the lower score differential is still a problem. To fulfil their goal of reaching the playoffs, the Tamil Thalaivas must win all of their remaining games handily and hope.

Dabang Delhi

Current Position: 6

Played: 18 | Points: 51 | Score Difference: 3

Four more matchups are left. Bengal Warriors on December 8, Puneri Paltan on December 3, Tamil Thalaivas on November 30.

High probability.

Dabang Delhi wants to defend its championship for the first time since Patna Pirates, and their consistency is one area they need to work on. They had a strong start, fell to eight defeats, and have just just started to find their groove. Since Naveen Kumar's performance has declined over the past several weeks, Vijay Malik's return from injury has been a huge boost. A few victories in their next games will bring them one step closer to a second championship, but giving up a win as they did against the Bengaluru Bulls would not be helpful.

U Mumba

Current Position: 7

Played: 17 | Points: 49 | Score Difference: -3

Five more matchups are left. UP Yoddhas [November 29], Gujarat Giants [December 2], Dabang Delhi [December 6], Bengaluru Bulls [December 10], Haryana Steelers [November 29],

Probability: Fairly high.

U Mumba has discovered form at the ideal moment. After three straight defeats, their victory over Bengal Warriors on Saturday will be a huge confidence boost as the tournament's final stretch approaches. In the absence of Surinder Singh, Rinku Narwal has managed the defence and the squad while Guman Singh and Ashish have demonstrated excellent raiding skills. U Mumba will face three clubs who are ranked higher on the table, but if they win even two of those games, they will secure a berth in the playoffs.

Bengal Warriors

Current Position: 8

Played: 17 | Points: 48 | Score Difference: 32

Five more matchups are left. On November 28, the UP Yoddhas, on December 2, the Haryana Steelers, on December 3, the Jaipur Pink Panthers, on December 8, the Dabang Delhi, and on December 10, the Patna Pirates.

Probability: Fairly high

If the Bengal Warriors don't let up, they have a good chance of making the playoffs. The defending champions are only three points behind sixth-ranked Dabang Delhi, who have played one more game. They will put their trust in that fact. They have a very good score differential, but to advance to the final six, they must win at least three of their remaining games.

Patna Pirates

Current Position: 9

Played: 18 | Points: 48 | Score Difference: -36

Four more matchups are left. Bengal Warriors (December 10), Bengaluru Bulls (December 7), Puneri Paltan (December 5), Gujarat Giants (December 2)

Probability: Not very high.

The Pirates must win every game from this point on. With only two victories in their previous six games, the most successful club in PKL history is suffering from a run of unfavourable outcomes. If Mohammadreza Shadloui and the company are to have a real chance of winning a fourth championship, they will need to step up significantly. Despite playing an additional game, they are tied on points with Bengal Warriors and Tamil Thalaivas. If both teams win, the Pirates' chances go down the drain.

Haryana Steelers

Current Position: 10

Played: 17 | Points: 41 | Score Difference: -18

Five more matchups are left. Bengal Warriors (November 29), U Mumba (December 2), Jaipur Pink Panthers (December 5), Telugu Titans (December 8), and Tamil Thalaivas (December 10) are the upcoming teams.

Probability: Extremely unlikely.

The Steelers have fallen short of expectations, and they still have a challenging schedule ahead of them that includes four games against teams that are ranked higher than them. Despite having a game in hand, they would still fall two points short of Patna Pirates even with a victory. Without a miracle, they are out of the playoff race.

Gujarat Giants

Current Position: 11

Played: 17 | Points: 36 | Score Difference: -50

Five more matchups are left. Puneri Paltan (November 29), Patna Pirates (December 2), U Mumba (December 4), Telugu Titans (December 6) and Jaipur Pink Panthers (December 9) are the next events.

Probability: There is almost no chance.

Even though Ram Meher Singh may be the most successful coach in the PKL, this team hasn't had much luck. They have lost eight of their previous ten games, including their last five, as a result of key players suffering injuries. They have almost little chance of making it to the playoffs

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