Anjum Moudgil - Arjun Babuta pair win mixed air rifle team event

Anjum Moudgil - Arjun Babuta pair win mixed air rifle team event

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Punjab’s Anjum Mudgil and Arjun Babuta got the better of West Bengal’s Mehuli Ghosh and Abhinav Shaw in a thrilling clash as they won the mixed air rifle team competition in the 12th Sardar Sajjan Singh Sethi Masters. Apart from them, Pushpanjali Rana won the women’s 25m sports pistol event.

Moudgil and Babuta did really well to take an early lead of 12-0 before the Bengal pair won six of their next seven shots to reduce it to 14-12. It was mainly because of the bad start by Shaw, who took time to find his groove before he gave constant support to Ghosh and kept Bengal in the contention.

Bengal had almost reduced the two-point difference but also in the ninth shot by 0.2 points. And Moudgil and Babuta didn’t make any mistake in theirs as they shot 10.7 and 10.4 respectively to win the last two points with ease, as Ghosh and Shaw shot 10.3 and 9.9 respectively.

Veteran Pushpanjali Rana of the Central Reserve Police Force showed her prowess in the women’s 25 metre sports pistol, as she started slowly before coming back stronger just in time defeat Ruby Tomer of Punjab Police, as she won the shoot-off 4-3 after they had tied on 28.

Arunima Gaur won the junior contest as she defeated Vishwa Jigneshbhai Dahiya 32-29, while Abhidnya Patil won the bronze in both the women’s and junior sections. In men’s centre fire pistol, Gurpreet Singh scored 585 to defeat Arpit Goel and Yogesh Singh to the gold, while Arjun Singh Cheema won both the men’s and junior gold medals in the 50-metre free pistol.

The results:

Men: 25m centre fire pistol: 1. Gurpreet Singh 585, 2. Arpit Goel 583, 3. Yogesh Singh 582.

50m free pistol: 1. Arjun singh Cheema 570, 2. Anmol Jain 555, 3. Omkar Singh 553.

Juniors: 1. Arjun Singh Cheema 570, 2. Gaurav Rana 560, 3. Surinder Singh 548.

Women: 25m sports pistol: 1. Pushpanjali Rana 28(4) 574, 2. Ruby Tomer 28(3) 573 3. Abhidnya Patil 22 (571).

Juniors: 1. Arunima Gaur 32 (566), 2. Vishwa JIgneshbhai Dahiya 29 (561), 3. Abhidnya Patil 23 (571).

10m mixed air rifle team: 1. Punjab (Anjum Moudgil, Arjun Babuta) 16 (416.0; 625.6), 2. West Bengal (Mehuli Ghosh, Abhinav Shaw) 12 (416.6; 619.0), 3. Railways (Ayonika Paul, Akhil Sheoran) 6 (415.1; 619.3).

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