All Grand Slams to try out 10-point tie-break in final set

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All four Grand Slams have agreed to implement a unified regulation for the final set of every match at the Majors, which is a significant step in the tennis game. According to the reports, all Grand Slams will now use a 10-point tiebreak in all tournaments on a temporary basis.

This implies that every Grand Slam tournament - men's singles, women's singles, and all doubles events - will now have a 10-point match tiebreak, which will be contested at 6-6 in deciding sets.

"On behalf of the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open, the Grand Slam Board are pleased to announce the joint decision to play a 10-point tie-break at all Grand Slams, to be played when the score reaches six games all in the final set," a statement on the official website of Wimbledon read.

This change is considered as a move toward improving the experience of spectators and players alike, as well as ensuring rule uniformity.

Previously, each of the four Grand Slams had its own set of match tie-break rules. While the Wimbledon final was decided by a 7-point tie-break at 12-12, the US Open final was decided by a 7-point tie-break at 6-6. The French Open, on the other hand, did not believe in tie-breaks, and the match finished only when one player had a 2-game advantage after 6-6 in the final set, whilst the Australian Open used a 10-point tie-break after 6-6 in the final set.

Starting with the French Open in May of this year, the standard regulations for all four Grand Slams are set to be implemented.

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