Lalit Modi quits RCA; requests BCCI to release funds

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Lalit Modi quits RCA; requests BCCI to release funds

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Former IPL chairman Lalit Modi has resigned from the president post of the Nagpur District Association and also quit from the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA). After resigning from the post, the 51-year-old has also requested at the BCCI to release the pending funds for the RCA.

Lalit Modi made headlines for his introducing cash-rich Indian Premier League ten years ago. But, later he was banned from the BCCI in the charge of money laundering charge. But, after three years of uncertainity, the 51-year-old sent his resignation to both the RCA as well as BCCI CEO Rahul Johri. 

“I feel that the time is now ripe to pass on the baton to the next generation. Thus, today I want to bid goodbye to cricket administration for now,” Mr Modi wrote in his resignation letter as reported by PTI.

After the money laundering charges, the BCCI expelled him in 2010 and he, too, left the country, refused to lose his hold from the RCA position. After reelecting for the same role, the BCCI banned the association and stopped releasing funds for the development of cricket in Rajasthan. 

“I honestly believe a system is more important than any individual. Indian cricket is truly an example of my belief. I will always be a loyal fan of Indian cricket,” he said.

With his resignation, he also requested BCCI to release association’s funds.

“...for Rajasthan to aim higher, we need funds from the BCCI which is our rightful share. I have done my part for the betterment of Rajasthan cricket, and now it is your turn to honour your part of the promise! I repose my faith in you and the BCCI to do the right thing,” he said.

“I would, therefore, request you to release the funds due to the RCA as soon as possible. I believe it was blocked precisely because of my presence. With my exit from all forms of cricket, at all levels, forever, I think RCA deserves to reclaim their share and presence on the Indian cricket map,” he added.

Former BCCI president N. Srinivasan too was sacked from his position of the BCCI president by the Supreme Court of India and post the Lodha committee recommendations, the Tamil Nadu cricket association president now stands ineligible to hold any position at the board. So, Modi accused the BCCI of having double standards for him and former president N. Srinivasan.

“While demanding high levels of probity and propriety from some is certainly laudable, I wonder why the same standards are not applied to some like Mr N. Srinivasan. After all, Indian cricket administration is in a state of upheaval because of Mr N. Srinivasan,” he said.

“The highest court of the land, Supreme Court, has ticked him off too for his involvement in Indian cricket and has also asked him to stay away. On the contrary, I continue to be penalised for a crime that I have not committed, even after being cleared by all the investigating agencies.”

“But Mr N Srinivasan continues to attend BCCI meetings, despite apex court’s scathing observations. It does seem that while I have been expected to live up to higher standards by even exiting from all forms of cricket, the same rule is not applied to Mr Srinivasan,” he said.

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